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CIA Director Haspel to Brief Lawmakers on Khashoggi Murder

04 December 2018, 09:28 | Erica Roy

CIA Director Haspel to Brief Lawmakers on Khashoggi Murder

U.S. senators more certain than ever Saudi crown prince was behind Khashoggi killing

Haspel is set to meet Republican and Democratic Senate leaders on Tuesday, as well as the chairmen and ranking senators on the key national security committees. That afternoon, senators frustrated with the briefing and the lack of response to Khashoggi's killing overwhelmingly voted to move forward with consideration of the Yemen resolution, 63-37. Rand Paul believes Haspel should share the CIA's findings with all members of Congress.

Ms Haspel annoyed Senators last week when she failed to appear before them when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis addressed the issue.

Some senators were frustrated that they were not invited to the briefing with Haspel.

The Trump administration has said that there is no "direct evidence" of the prince's culpability, with the defence secretary James Mattis, insisting there was no "smoking gun".

The senators were not allow to disclose details of what they were told, but their reaction reinforced reports that the Central Intelligence Agency had accumulated substantial evidence that the crown prince was behind the murder.

Sen. Bob Corker says a jury would find the Saudi crown prince 'in about 30 minutes.'
Sen. Bob Corker says a jury would find the Saudi crown prince 'in about 30 minutes.'

Khashoggi's murder in October at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul has opened a rift between the Trump administration and some of its most consistent supporters in Congress - including Sen. The journalist, who had lived for a time in the US and wrote for The Washington Post, had been critical of the Saudi regime.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Paul ranted about being denied a briefing with Haspel the latest developments in the investigation of Jamal Khashoggi's death.

"The CIA director's coming to Capitol Hill today, and I'm still being excluded from hearing or seeing the evidence of the crown prince's involvement", Paul said. "After all, someone's got to do it".

US Senator Bob Corker, the current head of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, also said after the meeting that there was no doubt in his mind that MBS ordered Khashoggi's murder.

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