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Google’s Renowned Project Fi Wireless Service Is Finally Coming to iPhone

28 November 2018, 07:45 | Jodi Jackson

Google’s Renowned Project Fi Wireless Service Is Finally Coming to iPhone

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In other words, you might miss out on the fast network switching between T-Mobile, Sprint, and WiFi, and the new enhanced network features they just rolled out.

Google Fi ditches the old yellow and green color scheme in favor of a combo of Google's iconic green, blue, red, and yellow hues and now has plenty of the fancy Google Sans font everywhere you look.

Hot off the release of fully encrypted traffic earlier this month, Google's cellular service, Project Fi, is getting a new name and greatly expanded device support-although that device support comes with some caveats.

Not all phones are 100% compatible with Fi, so using an iPhone wont get you the quick Wi-Fi/LTE “enhanced” transition that is compatible with only devices on Android Pie. Along with the name change, Google has announced that the wireless provider now supports "the majority of Android devices", including Samsung and OnePlus handsets, and iPhones (in beta).

That's certainly a vague statement, making it even more unclear what Google actually has in store for those wanting to give Project-Fi a test-drive - but we can expect to know more once the search-giant makes its official announcement in the coming days. Google says that's because only the phones listed on the site have the hardware and software required for these features.

Next: Google Fi plans: What are your options? If you're on an iPhone, regular SMS texting requires you to update your settings in order to work and visual voicemails won't appear in the Phone app. Fi owners are entitled to free data-only SIMs to use in any device they please. I'm not sure why you would sign-up for Fi if you can't get those features, but OK.

In either case, by opening up Project-Fi to some of the latest flagships like Apple's iPhone, Samsung's Galaxy and more, Google is sure to benefit since so many previously-alienated consumers will now have the freedom to try and decide whether Project Fi is a good fit for them.

To celebrate the rebranding, for today only (11/28), Google has a few Fi deals going on. If you bring your own device to Fi, you'll get a $200 service credit.

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