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DeSantis defeats Gillum to keep GOP in control

07 November 2018, 05:47 | Erica Roy

DeSantis defeats Gillum to keep GOP in control

DeSantis defeats Gillum to keep GOP in control

DeSantis' victory as the next governor of Florida will also have a lasting impact on the state's Supreme Court.

Essentially, DeSantis' message became that if Gillum succeeded in securing more funding to provide healthcare to more people and give teachers a uniform raise, that would cost many others in the state dearly - both in jobs and taxes. "I always vote, but ever since Trump was elected, it's felt especially important to participate".

After a primary ad in which he built a wall and read "The Art of the Deal" with his kids, DeSantis was helped by the president's involvement in the race, even as his Democratic opponent Andrew Gillum took hard lines against Trump's actions at the national level.

With more than 99 percent reporting, DeSantis had a more than 77,000-vote lead out of 7.9 million ballots reported. "It will cause the economy to downtown", DeSantis said at the campaign rally Monday morning at the Bobcat of Jacksonville on the city's Westside.

Republican Gov. Rick Scott is projected to defeat incumbent Democratic Sen.

In Gillum's concession speech, he spoke about calling DeSantis and congratulating him on the win. "Maybe 80,000 people will wake up and say, 'OK, we didn't vote the last time'".

A series of records released in late October linked Gillum to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, showing in part that the Mayor may have accepted a ticket to the Broadway musical "Hamilton" from an undercover agent posing as a developer wanting to do deals in the city. The 40-year-old is pro-gun, anti-immigration, anti-LGBTQ, and anti-women's rights.

DeSantis is a former Navy officer who graduated from Yale University, where he was the school's baseball captain, before getting his law degree at Harvard University.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News. Kamala Harris, all of whom campaigned in the state at Gillum's side.

Gillum's past actions were scrutinized by the Florida Commission on Ethics. Unfortunately, Florida residents hadn't actually voted yet, leading viewers to speculate about what exactly was going on at the network. The Tallahassee mayor won his primary on a progressive platform but has drifted toward the center in the runup to the general election, posing with establishment figures like Cory Booker (D-NJ) and former President Barack Obama. I'm simply saying the racists believe he's a racist, ' he said.

Meanwhile, DeSantis' campaign was plagued by actions some perceived as racist.

"We're definitely going to win election day, so I'm looking forward to that", DeSantis said. "He is being heavily supported by this Islamist group". That changed in the final week, when Trump helped drive out Republican supporters.

Gillum told supporters in Wakulla that Tuesday is a choice between the "Trumpizing of America" and working together.

"I believe you have to turn a page on a campaign", DeSantis said, shortly before red and white confetti exploded at his election party.

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