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Russian jet intercepts US Navy plane over Black Sea

06 November 2018, 03:57 | Erica Roy

Sputnik Alexander VilfUS Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Tu-95 Bombers West of Alaska- NORAD

Tu-95MS strategic bombers

A Russian Su-27 fighter jet intercepted a U.S.

The U.S. Navy, in a statement, called the interaction as "determined to be unsafe", saying the Russian SU-27 conducted "a high speed pass directly in front of the mission aircraft, putting at risk the pilots and crew".

The Su-27 then "accompanied it, preventing violations of the border of the airspace of the Russian Federation in compliance with all necessary security measures", the statement added. The intercepting SU-27 made an additional pass, closing with the EP-3 and applying its afterburner while conducting a banking turn away.

United States reconnaissance planes are often taking a peek over Russian borders, unsurprisingly triggering the country's air force that makes sure the border is not crossed.

'The crew of the EP-3 reported turbulence following the first interaction, and vibrations from the second'.

The video shows the Russian jet blasting past the EP-3 with its afterburner activated and appears to come within a few hundred feet of it.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has denied US Navy claims that its Su-27 jet intercepted a US EP-3 Aries spy plane in an unsafe manner.

US Navy captain Bill Ellis said: "For the Russian fighter aircraft to fly this close to the U.S. Navy aircraft, especially for extended periods of time, is unsafe".

The Russian jet came within about 20 feet of the U.S. aircraft, one official said, adding that the encounter lasted about nine minutes.

Russian Su-27 blasts its engines as it passes the EP-3.

"The smallest lapse of focus or error in airmanship by the intercepting aircrew can have disastrous consequences", Navy Capt. Bill Ellis, commander of Task Force 67, said at the time in a statement.

"There's just absolutely no reason for this type of behavior", he said.

The EP-3 is a electronic warfare and surveillance plane used by the US Navy.

"While the Russian military is within its right to exercise within global airspace, this interaction was irresponsible", the U.S. Navy said.

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