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Get your flu shot!

03 November 2018, 11:15 | Melissa Porter

Get your flu shot!

A young pregnant mother receives a shot in her left arm to prevent pertussis in future child

Getting your annual flu shot helps to create "herd immunity", the concept that if everyone gets a flu shot, there would be no medium by which the flu could spread. There is no medicine to kill the influenza virus. The study by Dr. Jeffrey Kwong and colleagues examined nearly 20,000 patients who tested positive for influenza. People may also be infected with influenza and have respiratory symptoms without a fever. Younger children and adults 65 and older are at an increased risk of getting the flu, according to health professionals. You may experience a few mild symptoms after getting a flu shot, but these symptoms are not the flu itself. The vaccine is not full proof but it is the best way to protect against flu infection.

Free flu shots are available for some this week. It also protects patients who already have heart disease. "They are much less likely to be hospitalized and less likely to die", she explained.

The specific strains of flu virus that are most prominent change year over year, according to the CDC. Last year, 38 percent of Black adults 18 years and older were vaccinated, compared to 45 percent of Whites, 46 percent of Latinos, and 47 percent of Asians.

A young and healthy person will not suffer from too serious seasonal influenza. Getting the influenza vaccine saves lives. "And to me - I have three kiddos - and of course I got them vaccinated, because I'd rather take that chance to have somewhat protection against whatever is circulating than none at all".

In a 2011 University of MI study, scientists infected 17 healthy people with the flu virus and found that they all contracted the illness, but only half suffered from the symptoms.

Bon Jovi in concert.

As it does every year, the flu has arrived in Texas.

Ontario, which began rolling out its publicly funded flu immunization program October 22, is already receiving reports of influenza cases in some regions of the province and has recorded its first few outbreaks in long-term care facilities.

Campus Health encouraged students and faculty to receive a flu shot in various ways.

This year sees two new and more effective vaccines being introduced to improve the protection offered to those at risk: a vaccine for older people (aged 65 and over) called Fluad®, which has been specifically created to increase immunity in this age group, and a quadrivalent vaccine for people aged under 65 who have underlying health conditions and pregnant women.

Canada has set a target of 80 per cent influenza vaccination coverage for seniors with chronic medical conditions.

Like CVS, Walgreens provides the flu shot.

Who is at high risk for the flu?

Facteau stressed that the notion of flu vaccines causing the flu is a misconception.

PLATTSBURGH | The first case of the flu this season was reported in Clinton County last week, and health officials are again imploring residents to get vaccinated. Even so, most people really know they have influenza and it lasts.

However, there is one big exception: The CDC recommends that people who are 65 and older get what's called a high-dose influenza vaccine - which is another name for a trivalent vaccine.

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