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European Union testing 'lie detector' technology at border checkpoints

03 November 2018, 04:16 | Jodi Jackson

Experimental AI lie detector will help screen EU travelers

A border control bot will start scanning faces for lies in the EU

"We're employing existing and proven technologies - as well as novel ones - to empower border agents to increase the accuracy and efficiency of border checks". Border guards will be equipped with handheld digital devices that will allow them to cross-check travelers identity and compare facial images taken during the pre-screening to passport photos as well as their present appearance.

At checkpoints, Hungary, Latvia and Greece will stand the test of lie detector, which is controlled by a neural network.

Developed with €5 million in European Union funding from partners across Europe, the pilot project will be operated by border agents in each of the trial countries and led by the Hungarian National Police.

The programme, iBorderCtrl is in its initial phase and aims to promote faster border crossing for travelers with the help of AI.

"iBorderCtrl's system will collect data that will move beyond biometrics and on to biomarkers of deceit", Boultadakis said.

The IBORDERCTRL system will require travellers will use an online application to upload pictures of their passport, visa and proof of funds, then use a webcam to answer questions from a computer-animated border guard, personalised to the traveller's gender, ethnicity and language.

The system will ask travelers security questions, such as questions about what's in their luggage, while scanning their faces for "micro-gestures" that can indicate if they're lying. Travelers will have to answer in front of the camera, and the system will analyze and evaluate dozens of microdelivery.

If the system flags up anything suspicious, or if the agent clocks anything unusual, including any alleged lies, the official can opt to send the passenger off to a side room or area for a more detailed screening.

If the AI suspects the traveller is lying, they will have biometric information taken and will be passed on to a human agent who will then review their information and make a decision.

Early tests have had a 76% success rate but even so, the program is still considered highly experimental.

During the pilot, system judgements will not be used to deny border crossings, according to the report.

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