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Chinese company Royole shows off the 'FlexPai,' its first folding-screen smartphone

03 November 2018, 03:24 | Jodi Jackson

Chinese company Royole shows off the 'FlexPai,' its first folding-screen smartphone

FlexiPai cameras

What this means is that the Flexpai goes from single-screen mode to a dual-screen format when folded, with the spine acting as a notification area.

FlexPai can be pre-ordered for $1,588 for the 128GB variant and $1,759 for the 256GB model. This would give the user the ability to play a game on one side of the screen and do things like respond to texts or check email by flipping the device over.

Royole Corporation, a California -based company, has unveiled the FlexPai handset during an event that took place in Beijing.

According to Liu, the screen was developed exclusively by his team and contains more than 20 million flexible high-precision devices, bendy integrated circuits and almost 100 micro and nano structured thin film materials. The hinge also doubles up as a screen. It's clear from looking at it that this is very much a first generation product, and you would hope that Samsung or Huawei or whoever else could come up with something a little more elegant.

Experts previously told Wire that flexible screens were more resilient and durable than glass-fronted touchscreen displays used in most current smartphones.

We're nearly sick of hearing rumors about a supposed Samsung phone with a folding screen, and even Huawei is reportedly working on something similar.

It seems unlikely that we'll see the Royole FlexPai make its way to the west, it will also be quite expensive to pick up. According to ITHome, Royole held a press conference on Wednesday to unveil the new phone.

While a majority of the companies are still working their way around a foldable display, a Chinese company by the name Rouyu Technology is ready to launch a foldable phone tomorrow. The new phone would also support super-fast 5G network speeds.

It's unclear whether this folding smartphone will enjoy a worldwide launch, or be limited to China.

Royole said that the Flexpai had been tested to withstand more than 200,000 open-and-shut movements, meaning it should offer years of use before any damage to the picture, reported BBC.

Although the figure is a 5.9 per cent decrease from the same period a year ago, consumers expressed desire to buy handsets with newer technology they had not seen before.

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