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Organic Foods Reduce Cancer Risk

26 October 2018, 06:12 | Melissa Porter

Eating Organic Foods Can Help Cut Cancer Risk, New Study Finds

Can organic food help you reduce your risk of cancer? A new study suggests the answer may be yes

An invited guest commentary on the study, also published October 22 on JAMA Internal Medicine website and headlined "Organic Foods for Cancer Prevention-Worth the Investment?" said the new study shows participants with the highest frequency of organic food consumption had a 25% lower risk of being diagnosed as having cancer during follow-up compared with those with the lowest frequency. All participants were followed up for an average of around four and a half years.

Scientists for 4.5 years studied the eating habits of the volunteers and classified them depending on how often the study participants ate organic foods: meat, fish, ready-to-eat products, sweets, etc. Breast cancer appeared had the highest occurrence rate with a total number of 459 cases, followed by prostate cancer with 180 cases and skin cancer at 135 cases. He said that yet another study from the International Agency for Research in Cancer has found that pesticides in food are linked to cancer.

What is more surprising is the fact that even people who consumed a moderate quantity of organic foods had a reduced risk of cancer according to the study.

The researchers used data from the NutriNet-Santé study to examine the eating habits of almost 70,000 French adults.

"As a result, organic products are less likely to contain pesticide residues than conventional foods". According to a new study, yes.

"Assessing intake of diet is hard, assessing intake of organic foods is notoriously hard", said Chavarro. The study doesn't separate people that don't eat organic foods for a particular reason, as they are rolled into one group. While organic produce is oftentimes more expensive, the outcomes of this study suggest that it may be worth the extra cost - particularly for women in later life. "Especially for those items, choosing organics is better for health as well as for the environment". "Further research is required to identify which specific factors are responsible for potential protective effects of organic food consumption on cancer risk", authors wrote in their study as well.

According to a new study organic food consumption can protect against cancers. Still the authors need to show this, he said in the podcast about the study. We know from crossover trials that if you change from a conventional diet to an organic diet, then the levels of pesticide residues in urine decrease, and when people cross back to eating a conventional diet, urine levels of pesticide residues increase again - which shows very clearly that exposure to pesticides is something that can be decreased by consuming organic diets.

"The methodology is good - they took data from large studies, which is important, and they looked at lots of different categories of cancer".

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