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IPhone XS Max destroys Pixel 3 XL in speed test

26 October 2018, 12:16 | Jodi Jackson

IPhone XS Max destroys Pixel 3 XL in speed test

Google will fix the Pixel camera bug of disappearing pictures

A Google Pixel 3 user took to Reddit to complain that a 10W Anker wireless charger was able to provide only 500mA to the phone, as found via Ampere charging app.

Regardless of the actual cause, Google will soon be sending out the necessary patch to exterminate this bug.

Arstechnica said that Google was locking out third party Qi chargers from reaching the highest charging speeds on the Pixel 3. Some Samsung phones already support 15W wireless charging under the Qi standard, so there doesn't seem to be any reason for Google's 5W limit.

Google also said the Pixel Stand and Pixel 3 "work together through a protocol that we've developed for fast charging", but did not say what that protocol looks like. Let me try to explain that.

In comparison, the A12 Bionic powering Apple's iPhone XS Max is a custom-designed piece of silicon built on the newer and much more efficient 7 nm FiNFET fabrication process, boasting a hexa-core CPU cluster with each of the six cores clocked at 2.35 GHz and coupled with 4 GB of RAM. As a matter of fact, this bug is affecting previous Pixel phones as well. See the difference there?

Google, in response to Arstechnica who reached out for comment on the situation, confirmed this to be the case. Third-party chargers would be limited to 5W we guess because Google knows them not.

Belkin's charger costs $59.99.

Google says that it is working on certifying additional chargers through its "Made for Google" program.

If there's one thing that Google's Pixel lineup continues to deliver on easily, it's camera performance. Unfortunately, it's not yet clear if that technology can be retroactively applied to existing charging pads or if Google can only certify new chargers for its phone.

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