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Nintendo patents a Game Boy case for touchscreen devices

07 October 2018, 02:52 | Jodi Jackson

Nintendo's phone case patent turns your handset into a Game Boy

Nintendo Has Patented a Functional GameBoy Case For Smartphones

As soon as there is further information regarding the case I will be sure to update you.

Overall, the purported case would essentially transform any touch-screen smartphone into an actual Game Boy, as pressing the buttons on the cover would come in contact with the touch-screen panel beneath it, resulting in an action executed on the screen. On the back side of the panel are the pieces that make contact with the screen of the electronic device, if you have opened some control of video games or even TV, you will know what we are talking about. Nintendo has filed a patent application for a Game Boy Casing for touchscreen devices, and what use is a Game Boy case without Game Boy games?

According to the patent, which was unearthed by technology blog Siliconera, the physical buttons on the front of the case are created to interact with a touchscreen when the case is clasped over a smartphone.

Although the patent images show only a mobile device, the product description indicates that the case may not be intended exclusively for this goal.

Unfortunately, there's now no word on a release date for the Game Boy case, or which smartphone models will be compatible with the design when it launches. Judging from the button placements, this smartphone shell might be used to play games for the original Game Boy. Towards the bottom, you can see familiar action buttons, and the navigation buttons same as what you would find on the Game Boy. This would enable a Game Boy-esque system to be built on smart phones.

Nintendo does not now offer any Game Boy software for Android or iOS devices, but this patented case could mean retro handheld games are on the way. However, a recent patent filed by Nintendo hints at an exciting future for smartphone gaming. What remains to be seen is whether Nintendo will launch a variety of cases to support these popular titles.

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