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More than 250 people worldwide have died taking selfies since 2011

05 October 2018, 07:42 | Erica Roy

Image Many of the deaths involve people taking selfies near trains. File pic

Woman taking dangerous selfie on railway track. File pic

The most common causes of death were drowning, falling and getting killed by public transport while attempting to take a selfie and the highest incidents had occurred in India, Russia, the US and Pakistan.

The researchers noted the high number of deaths in India was attributed to the large population of people aged under the 30.

Perhaps just as risky, or even more so, are selfies taken from elevated places.

The quest for extreme selfies killed 259 people between 2011 and 2017, a 2018 global study has revealed.

A notable case a year ago saw an Indian student drown while his oblivious friends took a selfie. They then attempted to cross-match those search links with links from their list of newspapers.

Some of the most common drowning incidents were caused by being washed away by waves on a beach, capsizing off a boat while rowing and clicking selfies on shore while not knowing how to swim.

"The selfie deaths have become a major public health problem", Dr Agam Bansal, the study's lead author, told The Washington Post. If you're looking for that flawless Android phone ...

The new study also showed that the number of deaths is on the rise. Another reason is that the trend of group selfies seems to be more prevalent in India relative to other countries. Less common causes of self-related deaths included electrocution, firearms, and animals.

About 50% (106) of total selfie deaths occurred in 20-29 year age group followed by 36% deaths in 10-19 year age group.

Researchers also divided the deaths into risky and non-risky behavior.

The amount of men dying (72.5 per cent) dwarfed women (27.5 per cent ). But despite all these improvements, getting the right angle isn't always easy, especially when it comes to selfies.

But researchers believe that these findings are just "the tip of the iceberg". Large numbers of deaths of this nature were also recorded in Russian Federation, the USA and Pakistan. The study came up with the number by looking at English-language news reports from across the globe. It also does not help that selfies are not reported as an official cause of death.

Mr Bansal said one way to prevent the deaths is to have "selfie free zones", which would ban people taking selfies near mountain peaks, tall buildings and bodies of water.

The next time you're standing at the edge of a scenic cliff or on top of a waterfall, take care when you have the urge to snap a quick selfie.

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