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Power returning after Environment Canada confirms two Ottawa tornadoes

26 September 2018, 07:59 | Justin Tyler

News Videos Showing Tornado Touch Down In Quebec Insane! @Ryan Valley

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Two days after a powerful twister tore through the rural Ottawa community of Dunrobin, residents got their first chance Sunday to return to their tornado-ravaged homes and assess the damage.

Five people were hospitalized in Ottowa, with two in critical condition, one in serious condition and two listed as stable, the CBC reported. They brought winds that Environment Canada says reached 265 kilometres an hour. As of Sunday afternoon that number had fallen to about 70,000, according to Hydro Ottawa CEO Bryce Conrad.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford said he would be visiting the Ottawa area on Sunday.

Here's how you can help people impacted by the tornadoes.

Approximately 60 buildings were wiped out or partially destroyed in Dunrobin, Ont., while in Gatineau more than 215 buildings were damaged or destroyed. Ford pledged the province's full support to residents recovering from the storm.

Help will be provided by Hydro One and Toronto Hydro, Ford told CFRA.

"I don't think they are going to let us in there until a structural engineer goes in there and has a look and makes sure everything is safe", he said, adding that first responders should be commended for getting to the neighbourhood quickly.

Glenn Johnson, who lives in the west end of Ottawa, says a construction crew that arrived at his home on Sunday morning told him it will be months before the repairs can be completed. As the skies grew ominously dark, they heard what sounded like a huge truck engine revving in their backyard, and then their ears popped with the change in air pressure. And his neighbour, two doors down, their house was gone.

With a few minor cuts, the pair took shelter as the intense winds blew overhead.

"We were one of the, I'd say, lucky ones in that we were allowed to go back to live in the house".

"You can't even get down the street because there are so many giant trees that had been taken down", Johnson said.

Setting aside their political differences, Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard and Parti Quebecois Leader Jean-Francois Lisee visited one of the most devastated parts of Gatineau together.

Another Ottawa resident, Erin Blaskie, had the same charitable idea, tweeting out a photo of a pot of chili saying anyone without a hot meal could message her for her address, while In Kanata North, Karen Woods opened up her home to people who needed a shower or their batteries recharged. Hydro workers have arrived from other parts of the province to help fix the electrical grid.

Kimbell said tornado warnings were still in effect in the Ontario communities of Prescott and Russell.

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