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The Predator Star Doesn’t Accept Shane Black’s Apology For Casting Sex Offender

11 September 2018, 03:11 | Myron Mathis

Shane Black apologises for casting his sex offender friend in The Predator

Fox pulls scene from ‘The Predator’ after director cast friend — a registered sex offender — in film

Sterling K. Brown expressed support for Olivia Munn over the weekend, coming to the actress' side amid controversy over a sex offender cast in their upcoming film, "The Predator."

Olivia Munn must feel like she's all alone on a deserted island. She also said that one co-star left an interview when the topic came up. "You did the right thing". I don't know how to pretend, I don't know how to skirt around the issue. You deserve to go make money, but not alongside me in a film.

Munn's comments about feeling unsupported by her co-stars - and the resulting backlash - has prompted at least two colleagues to speak up. "And I'm sorry you've been the only one to speak up publicly", he said. "If you're going to ask me, that's going to be my choice".

Munn alerted the studio on August 15 and Striegel's scene was removed within 24 hours, Fox said. For "The Predator", Striegel had a three-page scene alongside Olivia Munn, playing a jogger who hits on her repeatedly.

"It is true that I pulled out of a small amount of press on Saturday, as this type of social commentary is new to me and given the nature of the originating crime, I felt further discussion could cause unwanted trauma and pain, neither of which I wanted to incite to the anonymous young woman", he said. "I so appreciate that you 'didn't leave well enough alone, '" Brown added, "& again, I'm sorry you feel isolated in taking action".

The Los Angeles Times has reported that in 2010, the ex-soap actor pled guilty after allegations were raise that he tried to tempt a 14-year-old girl into a physically intimate relationship over the web.

Brown noted that the studio and the rest of the cast was never given a say about working with an actor convicted of a sex crime, since Black never disclosed that information before Striegel appeared in the film. Munn opened up about her feelings on the matter in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, which got the attention and support of co-star Sterling K. Brown, who posted his thoughts to Twitter. I just know how to be honest about it.

'I believe strongly in giving people second chances - but sometimes you discover that chance is not as warranted as you may have hoped.

The outlet said TIFF interviews with Holbrook, Key, Thomas Jane, and 11-year-old Jacob Tremblay were canceled due to scheduling issues.

However his publicist said that he reached out to Munn privately last week to express his admiration for her. The people who are at the top, the people colluding to keep abusers in power, the people who are colluding to turn a blind eye so that they can keep making money, they are the people who created this disparity in the first place.

The Predator releases on September 14.

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