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Tesla's Musk smokes marijuana on comedy podcast

07 September 2018, 10:43 | Jodi Jackson

Elon Musk smokes marijuana during podcast

Elon Musk hits massive blunt in live interview

Elon Musk smoked dagga and drank whisky in a live interview conducted by comedian Joe Rogan on Thursday.

Tesla shares, down just one percent after Musk's appearance on the Rogan podcast, fell another seven percent in the half hour after Morton's resignation.

Musk and Rogan had been filming in California where marijuana is legal, although Musk had to ask for reassurance before indulging.

"I Mean, It's Legal!"

When Rogan aid "totally", Musk said "OK" and took a drag.

The other big exit is Tesla's head of human resources, Gabrielle Toledano, who according to Bloomberg, has been on a leave of absence and will not be returning to the company.

In July he shocked investors by announcing on Twitter that he had funding secured to take his vehicle firm Tesla private. Musk was forced to abandon the plan a couple of weeks later. Friday was also slated to be the last day for Sarah O'Brien, Tesla's vice president of communications, whose departure was announced last month.

During their conversation, Mr Musk talked about his health and his management of Tesla - which he said was the most challenging of his various businesses and projects.

"Maybe he is the best Chief Marketing Officer and Tesla needs a strong new CEO", analyst Frank Schwope at NORD/LB said. Tesla's stock is down more than six percent to $262, the lowest level since April.

FILE- In this June 24, 2018, file photo Tesla CEO and founder of the Boring Company Elon Musk speaks at a news conference in Chicago.

Musk has repeatedly expressed concerns about the dangers of unrestrained development of artificial intelligence but says his push for a more cautious, regulated approach has been "futile".

"I'm getting text messages from friends saying, 'What the hell are you doing smoking weed?'" said Musk said later on in the interview. "As a result, this caused me to reconsider my future", Morton said in the filing.

Soon after, Musk changed his mind and said he decided the company would remain public.

Why did a rich man who wants to transport mankind to Mars and fix Los Angeles' traffic issues with an underground tunnel even go on Joe Rogan's podcast?

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