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Going up! Japan to test mini space elevator

06 September 2018, 09:22 | Justin Tyler

Japan to conduct first test as part of space elevator project

Tokyo-based company Obayashi Corporation announced plans to build an operational space elevator by 2050 . It uses similar technology proposed by Debney and seen in supertall buildings

If it goes as expected and scientists believe the model can be replicated on a much larger scale, it could be the first part of an ambitious project that will see an elevator go from Earth to space. According to Gizmodo, the Japanese paper The Mainichi has described what will be taking place with the upcoming testing.

On September 11, the Japanese will be sending to the ISS two ultra-small cubic satellites, a 10-meter-long steel cable and a container. Even so, the Japanese researchers from the Shizuoka University have even more ambitious plans: using elevators to travel to space.

As highlighted, the idea is as follows: the load must rise from the Ground into space using a long and strong rope, protagonismo between our planet and an artificial satellite which is in geostationary orbit, i.e. on the same point, and supports the cable on account of centrifugal force, the cable is moved and a cargo lift. The tiny satellites will launch from the Kagoshima's Tanegashima Space Center to head towards the ISS where they'll reach on September 11th.

So far, space elevators have been little more than a sci-fi pipe dream.

The space elevator concept was first proposed in 1895 by Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, who envisaged a cable reaching into space from the earth's equator. The save elevator in actuality ferries of us and cargo shipments in an elevator automobile travelling on a cable connecting Earth to a save put.

Camera connected to each satellite, and will record movement. The most hard part of the project will most likely be the cable, which is projected to be 96,000 kilometers (roughly 60,000 miles) long and built from carbon nanotubes, which, despite being incredibly strong, are also extremely fragile: if one carbon atom is out of place, it can cause the entire structure to rapidly "unweave" itself, causing a catastrophic failure.

Also contributing to the project is construction company Obayashi Corp, which has been working on its own space elevator architecture. He said: "Right now we can't make the cable long enough", he added. It is planned that by 2050, an Elevator into space you can send tourists. And this is the first step to what eventually may become a huge space Elevator - a device that is able in theory to connect the Earth and the space station.

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