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Democrat protesters interrupt Kavanaugh hearing

06 September 2018, 07:40 | Justin Tyler

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Brett Kavanaugh

Kamala Harris (D) opened her questioning of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Wednesday with a blistering line of inquiry: Has the judge ever spoken with anyone at Kasowitz, Benson & Torres - the law firm of President Donald Trump's personal attorney Marc Kasowitz - about the ongoing investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller?

Day two of Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings began much as the first with protesters often interrupting proceedings.

Kavanaugh stood by his 2006 testimony when nominated for the appellate court when he said he was not involved in some Bush-era policies, particularly a bill-signing statement on the treatment of terror suspects that would have passed his desk as staff secretary. The Supreme Court would have to rule on that question to settle the matter for good.

On Tuesday, there were angry scenes minutes after Mr Kavanaugh entered the committee rooms.

The Capitol Police can't close the room to the public and can't keep out people who look like they might disrupt the hearing.

On Wednesday, under questioning from Democrats, Kavanaugh declined invitations to promise he would not vote to reverse Roe, saying it would violate judicial norms to promise a vote on any particular case.

"We can not possibly move forward".

Yes. The committee received 42,000 pages of documents Monday night.

Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas called Booker's action "irresponsible and conduct unbecoming a senator".

In August, Grassley told reporters that the confirmation hearing would last a week at the least, adding that the confirmation process will take as long as his colleagues need.

But when asked more specific questions, including whether a president can be required to respond to a subpoena, Kavanaugh said, "I can't give you an answer on that hypothetical question".

One of several red-state Democrats watched as potentially voting for Kavanaugh, Sen. Meanwhile, CNN reported that two Democratic Senators facing reelection in states where Trump won by double digits, North Dakota's Heidi Heitkamp and West Virginia's Joe Manchin, said they have seen nothing disqualifying him from confirmation so far.

He specified the case involved a minor, from another country, who did not speak English, in a US immigration facility, by herself. Republicans have declined to seek the papers, and instead have gathered documents from his work as White House counsel to Bush.

Barring a surprise, Republicans appear on track to confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, perhaps in time for the first day of the new term, Oct 1, little more than a month before congressional elections.

Senate Democrats have vowed a fierce fight.

These claims of legal objectivity came as Democrats on the committee, whose railing against Kavanaugh's nomination reached a fever pitch on Tuesday, grilled him over his record and legal views.

Chairman Grassley must not shield Judge Kavanaugh from evidence that Kavanaugh perjured himself in previous confirmation hearings, or any other documents or evidence relevant to his ability to serve on the highest court for a lifetime appointment. They have accused Democrats of seeking to delay the hearing for purely political reasons.

Irked by a protester who interrupted him, Sen. "We shouldn't have to put up with this kind of stuff". But the Democratic frustrations that boiled over on September 4 had been simmering for more than two years.

The exchange raised some eyebrows in part because Kavanaugh repeatedly asked Harris to clarify her yes-or-no question, but also because Harris is part of a group of Democrats who are wary of Kavanaugh's views on matters that could be pertinent to Trump when the Russian Federation investigation ends, including the question of whether a sitting president can be indicted.

Republicans also a year ago reduced the margin for advancing Supreme Court nominations from 60 votes in the 100-seat Senate to a simple majority in order to force through the confirmation of Trump's first high court nominee, Neil Gorsuch. "Did you find it at all unusual to be receiving a draft letter from Democratic senators to each other before any mention of it was made public?"

But in a more than 12-hour session on Wednesday, he sidestepped questions about the scope of presidential power.

While decrying gun violence and sympathizing with Feinstein's horror over school shootings, Kavanaugh said, "I understand the issue, but as a judge, my job was to follow the Second Amendment opinion of the Supreme Court whether I agree with it or disagree with it".

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