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First Reports Of Gruesome Flesh-Eating STD Spark Warnings

25 August 2018, 03:36 | Melissa Porter

U.K. woman contracts STI that can cause genitals to ‘rot’ away

The donovanosis STD can cause genitals to

There have been no previous cases and the disease is usually found only in tropical and subtropical countries such as New Guinea, Guyana and southeast Asia. The necrotic infection eats away the flesh and makes the area smelly.

The unnamed patient, who hails from Southport, England, and is between 15 and 25 years old, was recently diagnosed with donovanosis, a genital ulcerative disease caused by the bacterium Klebsiella granulomatis. As the disease spreads, it can destroy genital tissue and cause the skin around the area to lose color, the NIH says.

But if you thought you were finished learning about the birds and the bees, you'll have to get caught up on the resurgence of a gruesome, flesh-eating sexually transmitted disease (STD). The disease is found more commonly among communities that are poor or marginalised.

"The usual sites of infection are in men, the prepuce, coronal sulcus, frenum and glans penis and in women, the labia minora, and fourchette", noted [PDF] BASHH, the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV. In most cases, it is the genital and anal area that are affected, where small bumps appear and slowly turn into the beefy-red and velvety nodules that are painless but may bleed when injured.

Cases have however very rarely been reported in Canada - three were described in Toronto in a 1992 issue of the Journal of Dermatology.

The good news is that donovanosis can be treated effectively with antibiotics and there are usually no ongoing health problems once the infection has been cleared. The disease also poses a risk factor in the transmission of HIV, according to the CDC. Simple contact with a victim's bleeding ulcer is enough for it to be passed on and symptoms can show one to 12 weeks after coming into contact with the bacteria.

"This is a very rare and nasty condition and it could be one of the first times it has been recorded in the United Kingdom", pharmacist Shamir Patel told the Mirror.

"Although antibiotics can treat donovanosis, early-stage cases might be going undiagnosed because it's so uncommon in the UK", Patel said.

However, Pharmacist Shamir Patel, of Chemist 4 U, told the Lancashire Post that "time is of the essence" when treating the disease.

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