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Google announce the all new Google Fit

22 August 2018, 02:38 | Melissa Porter

Google Fit now includes features called Heart Points and Move Minutes. Google

Google Fit screens showing Heart Points and Move Minutes features

The company redesigned the app in partnership with the American Heart Association and the World Health Organization to reflect both the amount the people move every day and the intensity of that movement. "The new Google Fit is centered around two simple and smart activity goals based on AHA and WHO's activity recommendations shown to impact health: Move Minutes and Heart Points".

Google's revamp simplifies its tracking program, which it first launched in 2014 as a competitor to Apple's HealthKit. Similar to the Apple Watch, your goal is to close your rings each day. Your journal shows your achievements and goal progress across all of your connected apps. Unlike the previous design - which would track, for example, walking, running and biking as separate categories - there are now only two main metrics.

Move Minutes are given whenever the user is literally in motion.

Just like before, Google Fit will use the Global Positioning System and accelerometer on your device to track all of this physical activity, but it does still integrate with third-party apps and accessories if you're using other services to track things but still want to bring it back into Google Fit. The basic guidelines call for 150 minutes of moderate activity a week (more than just walking), and the new Google Fit will explain these guidelines and push users to meet them.

Aside from the new features, you'll still be able to track all the same workouts from the app, some of which will be automatically tracked, as well as manually input data from blood pressure monitors, weighing scales and more. Google Fit also works with other fitness apps like Strava, Runkeeper, Endomondo and MyFitnessPal. And if you happen to hit the gym without your phone or a watch, you can add the activity in after and Google will estimate how many of those Heart Points you've earned.

Fit will be available for all Android devices and any watch that has Google's Wear OS, such as those from Fossil, LG and Huawei. As Kapil Parakh, medical lead for Google Fit, told Wareable, meeting the recommended 150 minutes of activity reduces risk of heart disease by 35%, diabetes by 40% and breast and colon cancer by 20%. Those who use it already should see the changes roll out from this week.

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