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Team gives medication to sick killer whale at sea

12 August 2018, 11:41 | Melissa Porter

Team gives medication to sick killer whale at sea

Grieving Orca Mother Still Carrying Her Dead Calf. It's Been 16 Days

"Is that not only is she not improving, it looks like she's deteriorating over the period of time when we would expect to see the condition improve".

Orca whales also do not have babies often or in large numbers, and when they do, it is a long process.

A team of whale experts has injected an ailing killer whale with antibiotics in a rare effort to save her.

J35 was spotted Wednesday carrying her dead calf, marking the 16th day of her "tour of grief".

Just like humans, they're still mourning, which ultimately show how emotional and intelligent killer whales are.

'The baby was so newborn it didn't have blubber.

"Our goal is to see if this is a viable option to deliver medication", she said.

Giles said the spotlight on the animals, while itself frightful news, has already led to skyrocketing worry about their plight.

'It understands the social bonds that it has with the rest of its family members'. Scientists had no plans to take the calf away from J35 or her pod, noting the "tight bond, "reports The Seattle Times". She is grieving, ' she added. But what is unknown is her condition going into her pregnancy, and after the loss of it.

It's reportedly not uncommon for killer whales to carry their dead calves for a week or so.

Experts from the Dolphin Biology and Conservation at Oceancare in Cordenons, Italy, analysed 78 records of aquatic mammals' treatment of their dead between 1970 and 2016. The situation is most certainly urgent, especially considering that this sick orca is one of the mere 75 individuals of her kind left on Earth. They didn't observe whether J50 had been eating or not. "There was no sign of the groups waiting for her ... she was mostly with her mom as well as her siblings".

Scientists and researchers are in a race against time, struggling to save an ailing 3-year-old killer whale named Scarlet which has gone missing.

It was hearing initial recommendations focused on three main threats to the orcas: lack of food, toxic contamination and boat noise and disturbance. The salmon are meant to feed an ailing young orca, J50.

For now, researchers and veterinarians working to treat J50 will continue to monitor J35, looking closely at her for skin lesions, any changes in the way she swims or surfaces or major changes in her breath, which could indicate that she is metabolizing lipids.

About half of the 11 calves born during a celebrated baby boom several years ago have died. We saw one a few years back for a couple days. The team of experts gave her a dose of antibiotics through a dart and took a breath sample to help assess whether she has an infection. She was seen again Thursday, still holding on to the remains. By doing so, you will help ensure that there are plenty of fish in the sea for the animals who actually need to eat these aquatic creatures to survive (unlike us).

A statewide task force he formed has been meeting since May to come up with recommendations. That data has documented orcas that declined and then disappeared.

'The death of the orca calf is a heartbreaking reminder of the urgency we face in saving these iconic animals, ' the governor's spokesman Jaime Smith wrote in an email. Apart from the nutrition concern for Tahlequah, the carcass is starting to fall apart, but the mom is keen on keeping with her the dead calf. It is among a handful of tests they are running. "I'm not even sure we would be successful".

Individual whales are also identified by unique markings or variations in their fin shapes, and each whale is given a number and name.

Researchers with the Whale Sanctuary Project practiced taking samples of fish scales so they can later genetically track whether the whale consumed that fish.

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