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Huge Planet's Aurora 200 Times as Strong as Jupiter's

08 August 2018, 10:47 | Justin Tyler

Brown dwarf or massive exoplanet detected with powerful magnetic field

Artist’s conception of SIMP01365 an object with 12.7 times the mass of Jupiter but a magnetic field 200 times more powerful than Jupiter’s. Image credit Chuck Carter Caltech  NRAO  AUI  NSF

Using a large radio telescope, scientists have detected a rogue planet outside our solar system.

It's thought that SIMP J01365663+0933473 is only 200 million years-old and is just 20 light-years away from Earth.

They also have strong auroras - similar to the stunning "Northern Lights" on Earth - like those seen in our own solar system's giant planets Jupiter and Saturn. Although they're not planets, brown dwarfs are not massive enough to sustain nuclear fusion of ordinary hydrogen to helium - and therefore, are not technically stars either. Since the mass of a Brown dwarf is hard to accurately calculate, at the time, the object found was thought to be an old, massive brown dwarf.

"This particular object is exciting because studying its magnetic dynamo mechanisms can give us new insights on how the same type of mechanisms can operate in extrasolar planets", said [Arizona State University's Melodie] Kao.

The new planet is 12 times the size of Jupiter which has a radius of more than 69,000 kilometres. The surface of SIMP is roughly 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit (816 Celsius), sitting "right at the boundary between a planet and a brown dwarf, or 'failed star, '" according to Kao.

Most extra solar planets (known as exoplanets) are detected when they pass in front of their stars and produce a slight decrease in light, or because they pull on them and make stars oscillate slightly.

Initially the object was registered in 2016 as one of the brown dwarfs, the study of which is engaged in the VLA. It was detected using US National Science Foundation's Karl G Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) telescope. It also features a magnetic field over 200 times stronger than the gas giant's.

This planet got a pretty "easy" name, SIMP J01365663+0933473, and astronomers told us that its magnetic field is really strong, nearly 200 times stronger than Jupiter's.

The surprising find is peculiar because it could be a planet or a brown dwarf. Last year, an independent team of scientists discovered the object was, in fact, part of a very young group of stars meaning it could have been far larger.

It was once thought that no such object could exist and the first failed star was not discovered until 1995.

Auroras on Earth are created when charged particles from the Sun interact with Earth's magnetic field.

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