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Two Men Escape Nursing Home to Attend German Metal Festival

06 August 2018, 03:45 | Myron Mathis

Two pensioners escape nursing home to attend heavy metal festival

Wacken Open Air 2018

Whether or not that happens will be a different story altogether.

Two elderly men in Germany have reportedly escaped from the nursing home where they resided in order to high-tail it across town to attend a giant metal festival over the weekend.

And my gran can't even stay up past 8:30pm.

The men refused to leave so had to be escorted back to their nursing home in a taxi with a patrol auto following, reported Deutsche Welle.

Deutsche Well is reporting that police are saying that the men escaped their nursing home on Friday and were located at 3 am in the heart of the festival grounds.

Talking to German broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk (via DW), police spokesperson Merle Neufeld said they were "disorientated and dazed" but didn't want to leave, so police escorted them home.

"However, the two seemed disoriented and apathetic". "The care home quickly organised a return transport after police picked them up".

Approximately 75,000 people attend Wacken each year, growing since its beginnings in 1990.

We don't know the names of these absolute LADs and haven't seen them but we can just imagine them rocking out with a zimmer frame covered in mud watching the likes of Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Headline acts included Danzig, Judas Priest, Hatebreed and In Flames.

Police praised revelers for decent behavior with little interference needed in relation with minor drug seizures.

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