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Fortnite Shopping Cart and ATK vehicles removed, but don’t panic

06 August 2018, 08:25 | Jodi Jackson

Where to find all 10 of Fortnite's flaming hoops for this week's daredevil challenge

Fortnite Season 5 Week 4 Challenges Guide | Fortnite Season 5 Week 2 Challenges Guide

"We'll update you once this is resolved" was posted on Friday, the post came within 24 hours of introduction of' jump through Flaming Hoops' challenge in the fourth week of Season 5. I would suggest landing in one of the side buildings of the Divot and attacking opponents as soon as you find a gun.

This one is plain and simple, you just need to go to Flush Factory over and over until you have searched 7 chests. If you do that, you will likely avoid the masses and you will have a specific spot to aim and will probably be able to get there first. If someone kills you after you search it, then oh well! You obtain this at level 27 in the Battle Pass and it will cause your character to swing his pickaxe like a golf club. Keep in mind if you are off by even a little you won't land a hole in one, so be patient and calmly adjust if you're having problems. Here you will find that the battle star token is at the highest point of the clubhouse roof. The best way to complete this challenge is to find the pistols at the beginning of the game.

In this challenge, the players need to deal 500 damage to the enemies while using the sniper rifles. They allow a full squad of four players to fit onto the Kart. This makes it easier if you aren't very good with a pistol. All you have to do is build things with the regular materials you gather and each one will count towards your challenge progress. To complete them within the time limit, players really have to do some grinding and hard work.

The fifth week of challenges for Fortnite has been leaked online and they are some of the easiest of the Season. It should take a few tries, but this is a simple challenge to finish.

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