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No more than 2 notches on display: Google directs manufacturers

03 August 2018, 11:05 | Jodi Jackson

Google was criticised for deeming apps containing sexual and violent themes to be suitable for childrenIMAGINECHINA CORBIS

Google was criticised for deeming apps containing sexual and violent themes to be suitable for children

In order to make it a uniform experience across all devices, Google has finally released guidelines for the usage of the notch on Android smartphones.

Google said the move is to ensure consistency and app compatibility with devices that do have cutouts. Google is reassuring you that your next phone can have two notches.

Specifically, Google is limiting the number of notches - or "cutouts", as they're technically called - to two. Most smartphones that we have seen so far don't have more than one notch but Google is hedging its bets against a potential problem in the future by laying down the law with regards to the maximum number of notches allowed on an Android device.

So you can thank the Android maker for preventing handset makers from trying to cram three onto your smartphone or place them in weird locations.

In one of the latest posts on the Android Developer Blog, Google has outlined all the methods to implement the notch for various apps.

Google did say that on devices running Android 8.1 or earlier, users can decide to "extend a letterboxed fullscreen or landscape app into the cutout area". Aside from the rumors that the Pixel 3 XL will have a giant cutout for dual cameras at the top of the screen, the upcoming Android P update will usher in full notch support as well, so developers can ensure their apps won't be truncated or otherwise diminished by varying degrees of blank space. "This means that: You won't see multiple cutouts on a single edge, or more than two cutouts on a device". This gives app developers the power to account for notches during the design process.

Here's the thing. The notch at the top of the screen has a objective.

This essentially means manufacturers can either go with two notches on the top or bottom or a notch each on the top and bottom as possible combinations. Nonetheless, we could find out soon enough, and even see stable versions of the software on some phones in August itself.

This little black cut-out on top of the screen may look like an eyesore, but more and more phones are jumping on this trend.

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