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Dragon Ready for Return Ahead of Commercial Crew Announcement

03 August 2018, 08:57 | Justin Tyler

Dragon Ready for Return Ahead of Commercial Crew Announcement

NASA Announces Boeing and Space Crews

That modification is meant to "optimize the program flow", said John Mulholland, Boeing vice president and commercial crew program manager, noting that the abort system is not needed for the uncrewed flight test.

It became known that in the first spaceship Boeing has said it.

In a blog post, NASA said SpaceX plans to launch its Crew Dragon spacecraft on an unpiloted test flight in November.

According to Investor's Business Daily, it looks like Elon Musk's company might beat Boeing to the punch and be the first to launch its astronaut-ferrying vehicle to the ISS.

"The mission profile will be determined by NASA", he said of the crewed test flight.

The Crew Dragon capsule is a next-generation spacecraft created to carry humans to ISS and other destinations, according to SpaceX.

NASA's Commercial Crew Program is working with the American aerospace industry as companies develop a new generation of spacecraft and launch systems to carry crews safely to and from low-Earth orbit - the SpaceX Crew Dragon and Boeing CST-100 Starliner.

NASA Announces Boeing and Space Crews

NASA TV is broadcasting video of the announcement live from Texas.

The Crew Dragon and Starliner will drive the American astronauts on the American-made spaceship from American soil to the ISS for the foremost instance since NASA withdrew its Space Shuttle Program in 2011.

The setback comes as Boeing is entrenched in a competition with Elon Musk's SpaceX to deliver astronauts to the space station, replacing the Russian rockets now used for that goal.

Tomorrow, NASA will announce the chosen crew for the first Commercial Crew flights and probably add more information on Boeing's and SpaceX flights.

An uncrewed flight test was not a NASA requirement for certifying these systems for human spaceflight. NASA and Boeing announced earlier this year they were studying it, but Mulholland said August 1 no decision would be made about using the test flight in that fashion until next year. However, both companies have had some problems with their vehicles lately (be it technical issues or just delays), and they have to prove that their spacecraft are safe for crewed missions to the ISS and that they can also bring them back to Earth. Experts believe that with the latest complications, the first uncrewed flight test will take place at the end of 2018 - the beginning in 2019 and the manned flight test will take place in mid-2019.

Both Boeing and SpaceX are building spaceships to transport astronauts and restore USA access to the space station, a capacity lost when the shuttle program was retired in 2011, as planned after 30 years of operation. Initially Congress did not provide as much money as NASA requested because of skepticism that the program would succeed.

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