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Wisconsin man loses both legs after being licked by dog

01 August 2018, 09:56 | Melissa Porter

Man has all 4 limbs amputated after dog’s lick leads to severe infection

‘Hit him with a vengeance’: Man’s limbs amputated after dog lick leads to blood infection

However, after doctors conducted several tests, they discovered Manteufel had actually picked up a infection from the bacteria capnocytophaga, which is commonly found in dog and cat saliva.

Greg Manteufel suffered a rare blood infection after harmful bacteria from a dog's saliva seeped into his bloodstream, causing sepsis, or blood poisoning from bacteria.

Symptoms usually appear within one to eight days of exposure, but mostly on the second day.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website says many types of Capnocytophaga are found in the mouths of humans, dogs, and cats.

The infection caused Manteufel's blood pressure to drop and circulation to his limbs decreased.

In a review of more than 450 patient cases, just 27 percent had contracted the bacteria from scratches, licking, or unspecified contact with dogs or cats. Surprisingly enough, they did do it, ' she said.

Doctors were forced to amputate his limbs. "People with weakened immune systems include, for example, those who drink alcohol excessively, who have had their spleens removed, and who have HIV infection or cancer". Antibiotics are needed to treat a Capnocytophaga infection and should be started as soon as possible to prevent further complications.

Dawn Manteufel said that within one week, her husband's legs were gone, followed by more surgeries to remove portions of his hands, and then half of both forearms. According to doctors, Manteufel just had bad luck. Thankfully, it's also very rare, affecting only 0.67 people per million in a nationwide survey in the Netherlands, so dog owners shouldn't worry too much about their beloved pet landing them in a medical catastrophe. "We can't wrap our heads around it that all of the sudden, he's 48 years old and been around dogs all of his life and this happens", she said.

It is now unclear where the dog is. "This infection in his blood triggered a very severe response on his body", Dr. Silvia Munoz-Price, an infectious disease specialist with Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin, told the Milwaukee Patch. "All he kept saying to the doctors - 'take what you need but keep me alive, . It's just chance", Dr. Munoz-Price added.

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