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Nigeria to experience longest total lunar eclipse Friday - Scientist

30 July 2018, 08:16 | Justin Tyler

Nigeria to experience longest total lunar eclipse Friday - Scientist

Nigeria to experience longest total lunar eclipse Friday - Scientist

Also, those in the United Kingdom will miss a section of the eclipse due to the moon being below our horizon when it starts, which gives south-eastern observers a slightly better advantage than the north-western ones.

This century's longest total lunar eclipse clocked in at 6 hours and 13 minutes Friday, with totality lasting more than 100 minutes.

The same day, Mars will be at its brightest as it travels close to earth, so observers may be able to see what looks like an orange-red star which is in fact the so called red planet.

The professor, however, said that the next total lunar eclipse that would be visible in Nigeria would occur on January 21, 2019. Totality will continue for 1 hour and 43 minutes, with the Moon taking on a deep red-orange color during that time. Unfortunately for anyone in the USA, the eclipse will not be visible. The moon passed in front of the sun, casting a 70-mile-wide shadow.

A picture shows the full moon during a "blood moon" eclipse beside a statue of ancient Greek goddess Athena in central Athens on July 27, 2018.

"Dem yelebesech chereka", some murmured - Amharic for "blood moon". And, of course, there are areas across the world where the eclipse will not be visible at all, such as North America.

The red effect is caused by a scattering of colours during a lunar eclipse.

When the three celestial bodies are perfectly lined up, however, the Earth's atmosphere scatters blue light from the sun while refracting or bending red light onto the moon, usually giving it a rosy blush.

In a total lunar eclipse, the Earth is positioned between the sun and the moon, blocking sunlight from what would otherwise be a radiant full moon. But a small amount of light does actually pass through the outer parts of the Earth's atmosphere and reflect off the moon.

Saturday's total lunar eclipse was the longest of this century. The next similar lunar eclipse is speculated to witness in 2123. In addition to its length, the astronomical event was unusual because Mars was exceptionally close to Earth at the time - 57.6 million kilometres (35.2 million miles) - making it visible to the naked eye.

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