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Red planet and 'blood moon' pair up to dazzle skygazers

29 July 2018, 11:03 | Justin Tyler

The Maximum Eclipse or Blood Moon at 4.21am. – KHAIRIL HASSAN

The Maximum Eclipse or Blood Moon at 4.21am. – KHAIRIL HASSAN

That means the planet and the sun will be on exact opposite sides of the Earth and will shine its best.

The Moon will pass right through the centre of the Earth's shadow, at the shadow's widest point.

Although no longer directly illuminated by the Sun, the moon still catches light filtered and bent by the Earth's atmosphere.

The thick monsoon clouds over the city, however, restricted a clear view of the eclipse, disappointing several photography enthusiasts.

Where can you see the blood moon in July 2018?

The eclipse will not be visible to residents of the USA as by the time the moon rises at night in the USA, it will have already completed its journey through Earth's shadow, or Umbra.

The time of greatest eclipse will be 2021 GMT on July 27.

Thousands of Australians rose in the pre-dawn twilight, braving the winter chill on Saturday to marvel at a spectacular celestial display - a glowing red moon and a shimmering Mars.

The eclipse, though, was not visible in America and the Pacific. It is popularly known called a blood moon because of the reddish glow that the moon appears to emit during the sunset and sunrise.

"Blood moon will start at 10 pm and end at 4 am". He captured a photo of an airplane flying in front of the moon as it came in to land. Don't stare at the blood moon while driving. During the lunar eclipse Muslims ask forgiveness from God and reaffirms His Greatness. It will not be visible in North America and much of the Pacific Ocean because there it will be morning or afternoon.

The red effect is caused by a scattering of colours during a lunar eclipse. Mars instead appeared as a very bright star.

During the eclipse, the planet Mars hovered near the moon in the night sky and was easily visible to the naked eyes.

In a special treat, Mars is also at its closest approach to Earth this week since 2003, making it appear bigger and brighter.

While Mars was overhead for people in central Chile, South Africa and Australia, it was low in the southern sky for those who watched in the United States and Europe.

Hundreds flocked to the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium in the tech hub of Bengaluru on a cool Friday night to witness the spectacle in a hazy sky even as the red moon played hide and seek. The distance between Mars and the Earth ranges from about 100 million kilometres and 56 million kilometres.

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