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'Blood moon' to appear for 21st century's longest lunar eclipse on Friday

27 July 2018, 08:53 | Justin Tyler

Watch The Longest Lunar Eclipse Of The Century In Singapore On July 28

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The total lunar eclipse is one of 85 this century, but tonight's will be the longest, lasting an hour and 43 minutes. Most of Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, most of China, western Africa and most of Europe will see the total phase of the eclipse. "About an hour later, the partial phase will begin at 2.24am when the moon begins to be covered by the dark Earth's shadow, the Umbra", he said. During the eclipse, the Earth will be moving directly between the Sun and the Moon.

When is chandra grahan/lunar eclipse in India?

Unlike a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse is quite safe to look at with the naked eye.

Because the total lunar eclipse had be ongoing at the time of moonset and sunrise, there were few vantage points on our planet to experience it - but New Zealand was fortunately one of them.

It depends partly on "how cloudy or transparent those parts of the Earth's atmosphere are which enable sunlight to reach the moon", he told AFP.

As the entire eclipse will occur when the moon is fairly close to the horizon, the main thing to ensure is that you have a clear sightline to the south east.

"Sometimes, the moon passes through the lighter part of Earth's shadow, causing a penumbral eclipse and total eclipse occur when the Earth completely block Sun rays from reaching the moon", he said.

Explaining about the phenomenon, he said, "Throughout the eclipse, the moon will look a bit reddish".

St Helens Star

Prof O'Brien explained that people in the United Kingdom would "need to have a clear south-eastern horizon as the Moon comes up" in order to see it. That's because some light from the sun bends around the edge of the Earth where the blue and green wavelengths are scattered by our atmosphere. The total duration of the three stages of the eclipse will be longest in Santa Maria di Leuca, in the province of Lecce, Puglia (where it will last 5 hours 32 minutes and 32 seconds) and shortest in Courmayeur, Valle d'Aosta (4 hours 28 minutes and 50 seconds).

The moon will rise from the horizon tinged a deep, rusty red as it is totally eclipsed by the Earth.

Due to how its relative size in the sky, the eclipse makes it appear as if there's a ring of light around the moon.

"It just happens to be we're in the right place at the right time to see the whole event", he said.

The Earth's red shadow will begin creeping across the moon at 1:15 p.m.

Today marks what astronomers refer to as the "opposition" of Mars - something that took place around every two years, when Earth lined up directly between Mars and the Sun.

"Less dark eclipses may show the moon as dark grey or brown.as rust-coloured, brick-red, or, if very bright, copper-red or orange".

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