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Watch Blue Origin's high-altitude abort test during latest rocket launch

22 July 2018, 02:25 | Justin Tyler

Camera Icon Amazon creator Jeff Bezos has launched his New Shepherd rocket higher than

Amazon creator Jeff Bezos has launched his New Shepherd rocket higher than previously

The climax of the uncrewed test flight came shortly after New Shepard's capsule separated from its booster and switched on its 70,000-pound-thrust escape rocket motor. Blue Origin accomplished a low-altitude abort test with a previous version of the New Shepard vehicle in October 2016, proving the capsule's solid-fueled abort motor could get passengers away from a catastrophic in-flight failure.

Both the booster and capsule that sits atop the rocket successfully returned to Earth.

Executives at the company, which was started by Bezos in 2000, said the company planned to launch test flights beginning next year, Reuters reported. A dummy the company calls "Mannequin Skywalker" was also on board to give the company data on what the flight would be like for real passengers. Many customers and the aerospace industry have been very keen on knowing the cost of a ticket on Blue Origin's New Shepard space vehicle to find out whether or not it is affordable enough to generate a strong demand on space tourism.

Sir Richard Branson founder of Virgin Galactic with his Spaceship Two and White Knight Two carrier aircraft

Neither Virgin nor Blue Origin's passengers will find themselves orbiting the Earth: instead, their weightless experience will last just minutes. But the company Blue Origin has found a way out of this situation. The rocket takes off, enters sub-orbital space, and comes back to the planet.

From takeoff to landing, the flight took 10 minutes during the latest test.

Company officials were recently quoted as saying the first tests with Blue Origin astronauts would take place "at the end of this year", with tickets for the public expected to go on sale in 2019. The company says more than 700 people have signed up to fly. "We have not set ticket pricing and have had no serious discussions inside of Blue on the topic", the firm said. Bezos said in May ticket prices had not yet been decided. "Anyone predicting dates is guessing", according to the statement.

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