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Man dies from bacterial infection after eating raw oysters

19 July 2018, 10:21 | Melissa Porter

Man dies from bacterial infection after eating raw oysters

Man dies from bacterial infection after eating raw oysters

A 71-year-old man died on July 10 just two days after eating contaminated oysters at a restaurant in Sarasota, Florida, according to WWSB.

A Florida man's bacteria infected oysters eaten at a restaurant in Sarasota killed him a few days later, The Sun-Sentinel reported. The name of the man or the restaurant where he ate were not released.

Vibrio vulnificus is a bacterium that normally lives in warm, brackish seawater and is part of a group of vibrios that are called "halophilic" because they require salt, health officials say.

The department's website says it is the third fatal case of Vibrio in Florida this year.

Health officials often advise bathers who want to go swimming in lakes, beaches, or rivers not to enter the water if they have cuts or scrapes.

Eating seafood or taking a swim in the water may seem like an essential summertime pastime, but you should be careful of the bacteria Vibrio vulnificus, which pops up more with the heat.

Vibrio illness symptoms may include diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, chills, fever, shock, skin lesions and breakdown and wound infections.

People with weakened immune systems or open wounds are at a greater risk for infection. About 80% of those infections occur between May and October, when water is particularly warm - ideal for colonies of bacteria to grow and thrive. "That can progress to a severe illness where you get the bacteria into your blood causing you to be more sick", Said Drennon.

There are approximately a dozen different types of Vibrio bacteria that can trigger various forms of a gastrointestinal illness known as vibriosis.

It is rare for humans to be infected with the bacteria, though it can be contracted by eating raw shellfish, including oysters. It reported three cases with a single fatality in 2017, and two cases in 2016 — one of which leading to a death. "That's usually not the case when someone consumes the bacteria", Drennon said.

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