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Ever Color X-Ray Scan Reveals Everything Inside Human Body

16 July 2018, 04:25 | Melissa Porter

Ever Color X-Ray Scan Reveals Everything Inside Human Body

Scientists Carry Out 3D Color X Ray For The First Time Ever

The new Zealand startup MARS Bioimaging introduced the world's first x-ray machine, which allows to obtain three-dimensional color images. When an X-ray beam passes through a body, its photons are absorbed at different amounts depending on the density of material such as bones.

"The image of this new image can not be obtained with other image tools due to the small pixels and specific energy resolution of the machine", said Phill Butler, a student of University of Canterbury.

Unique design belongs to the group of new Zealand scientists from the universities of Canterbury and Otago.

By combining the chip's spectroscopic information with algorithms, the MARS scientists were able to create 3D color images that can distinguish clearly between fat, water and disease markers.

The CERN technology, dubbed Medipix, works like a camera detecting and counting individual sub-atomic particles as they collide with pixels while its shutter is open.

The developers, who founded the firm MARS Bioimaging, agreed with CERN on the use of this technology in a commercial unit capable of taking pictures, which represent several types of tissue.

The new colour X-ray imaging technique is able to produce clearer and more accurate images which would help doctors in getting a more accurate diagnoses to the patients. The Medipix3 chip is now the most advanced chip available. Their tech is based on detectors used by the Large Hadron Collider for measuring particles created by protons smashing together at almost the speed of light. The technology results in "high-resolution, high-contrast, very reliable images", making it ideal for use in medical imaging.

They further describe their project by saying, The MARS small bore scanner enables customers to conduct experiments in a system that is directly translatable to human imaging. "In all of these studies, promising early results suggest that when spectral imaging is routinely used in clinics it will enable more accurate diagnosis and personalisation of treatment", Professor Anthony Butler says.

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