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Blood Moon 2018: How to watch longest lunar eclipse

27 June 2018, 05:30 | Justin Tyler

GETTYBlood Moon 2018 The moon turns red because of light scattering in Earth's atmosphere

Blood Moon 2018 prophecy

In July, the world will witness an absolutely rare astronomical phenomenon as a blood moon will be seen on the intermediary night of July 27 and 28.

The event will begin with a partial eclipse till about 7.30 p.m. UTC, before the skies are graced with the especially long total eclipse.

This total lunar eclipse - which occurs when the moon passes behind the Earth - will be the longest in more than a century, reportedly lasting a total of one hour and 43 minutes.

The eclipse will last almost 40 minutes longer than the January 31 Super Blue Blood Moon, which was the longest total lunar eclipse of the year until then, express.co.uk reported. That's just a few minutes shorter than the maximum possible eclipse, and the length of an average movie, for those who'd rather get outside and look at the skies, rather than stare at a screen indoors. Europe and Africa can view the eclipse during the evening hours, while most of Asia, Indonesia and Australia will have the best view in the morning.

A lunar eclipse is the opposite of a solar eclipse where the Earth's shadow is cast on the Moon.

The moon, once again, will threaten to end humanity next month by turning the color of blood and then going dramatically, and completely, dark. It will turn blood red during the eclipse due to the way light bends around Earth's atmosphere. I can safely say there is absolutely nothing to worry about when a total lunar eclipse occurs. Meanwhile, only parts of South America will get to witness the final stages of the eclipse, and North America, the Arctic, and numerous fish in the Pacific Ocean won't get to see it at all.

The eclipse will be visible only from the Eastern hemisphere - Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.The last longest eclipse took place on July 16, 2000, and lasted for one hour and 46.4 minutes.

"Sometimes called an apogean full moon, or micro-moon or mini-moon, this smaller and slower-moving full moon takes more time to cross the Earth's shadow than does a full moon that's closer to Earth and moving faster in orbit", McClure said.

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