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Walgreens Pharmacist Denies Drug For Woman With Unviable Pregnancy

26 June 2018, 09:28 | Melissa Porter

Nicole Mone said her doctor gave her an option to undergo a surgical procedure or take medication to end the pregnancy

Nicole Mone said her doctor gave her an option to undergo a surgical procedure or take medication to end the pregnancy

An Arizona woman has said she was left "in tears and humiliated" after a staff member at USA pharmacy chain Walgreens refused to give her prescription medication to end her pregnancy - even though her doctor had said she would ultimately have a miscarriage.

Nicole Arteaga said a Walgreens pharmacist allegedly denied her medication necessary to end her pregnancy after her baby stopped developing, because it was against his ethics. For Arteaga to speak out publicly about this requires incredible strength, and while she says, "It was comforting to know I'm not the only one", I am furious that this pharmacist's actions forced Arteaga to speak out on behalf of women who have to deal with this. She could either take medicine, or have surgery to remove the fetus.

"I stood at the mercy of this pharmacist explaining my situation in front of my 7-year-old and five customers standing behind, only to be denied because of his ethical beliefs", she wrote on Facebook and Instagram.

What happened in Arizona is a case study in what could go wrong, they said.

He instructed her to come back the next day or go to another pharmacy, despite the fact that there were other employees working behind the counter, the newspaper reported.

'I get it we all have our beliefs. "This is not how I wanted my pregnancy to go, but this is my situation". "This is something I have zero control over", she wrote in her Facebook post.

What happened next left Ms Mone Arteaga distraught and furious and her account of the incident has been shared on Facebook more than 30,000 times, liked more than 50,000 times and generated 14,0000 comments.

Ms Mone said she was sharing her story as she didn't want other women to endure similar experiences when they were "vulnerable and already suffering".

But Arizona isn't the only state with this law.

While the prescription was promptly filled by another local Walgreens, an irate Arteaga filed a complaint with the Arizona Board of Pharmacy in an apparent hope of landing Hreniuc in hot water for choosing to follow his conscience.

Walgreens has not confirmed if they have the pharmacist's objection in writing, giving him the right to refuse giving Arteaga's medication.

Walgreens said in a statement Saturday that pharmacists are allowed to step away from filling a prescription anytime they have a moral objection under company policy.

The company told the Associated Press today that the pharmacist in question was the only one on duty at the time, so he called another location to serve the patient. "I haven't been able to read all of them". Wary of a repeat performance, she asked her doctor to ensure the pharmacist at the second location would give her the medication before going to pick it up.

Arteaga said the he did not explain any further.

"We're literally endangering people by stepping in, in these ways and that definitely is a huge concern", she said. Finally, he offered to transfer the prescription to another pharmacy.

"I experienced something no woman should ever have to", she wrote.

Arteago said she left Walgreens without her prescription.

Walgreens' policy lines up with an Arizona state law that similarly allows a pharmacy, hospital or health professional not to participate in providing abortion medication, emergency contraception or any medication or device that would prevent fertilization.

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