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Woman sues NASA to keep moon dust

15 June 2018, 10:31 | Justin Tyler

Woman sues NASA to keep moon dust

Woman sues NASA to keep moon dust

Christopher McHugh, her attorney, points out to Washington Post that Cicco is the rightful and legal owner of the moon dust, citing Armstrong's note as proof, which has been verified by a handwriting expert.

It was during this period that the famed Apollo 11 astronaut reportedly handed her a glass vial containing grey dust and a note that read "To Laura Ann Murray - Best of luck - Neil Armstrong Apollo 11".

Hailing from Cincinnati, Laura claims that she had the alleged moon dust tested before filing a lawsuit on June 6 seeking answers from the U.S. District Court in Kansas regarding its ownership as NASA claims that private citizen can't own lunar material whereas the lady disagrees.

Murray, who's now Laura Cicco, didn't see the vial for decades after that day, though she kept the autograph in her bedroom. It is not clear why she is bringing the lawsuit now, five years after she told the Kansas City Star that she found it in a wooden chest.

Despite the varied findings, the expert wrote in his report that "it would be hard to rule out lunar origin" and that it's possible that some dust from Earth "mingled with this likely lunar sample".

There's no law preventing people from owning materials of lunar origin, according to Fortune.com.

NASA's Lunar Allocations Handbook states that lunar samples are the property of the United States government and are only to be used for authorized purposes.

Though a NASA spokesman denied commenting on the case, the agency has been pretty vocal regarding the procession of lunar samples. "Laura shouldn't be afraid that NASA is going to come knocking on her door and barge in and try and take the vial".

When Armstrong stepped onto the lunar surface, he said: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind".

"There is no law against private persons owning lunar material". "It is not illegal to own or possess". But a Nasa official suspected that Davis had committed a crime by being in possession of contraband or stolen government property, as The Washington Post's Fred Barbash wrote.

No, the astronauts who visited the moon didn't spew chemicals or anything of that sort, but they did travel across the lunar surface both by foot and by vehicle, and that alone was enough to make the moon warmer ... but only after they left. She and her second husband were allegedly lured to a Denny's restaurant by an informant posing as a broker, only for them to be arrested and questioned by federal agents for the next two hours.

Davis' late husband, who was an engineer on Apollo 11 -the spacecraft that took Armstrong to space, gave her the item.

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