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Officials puzzled after Idaho boy contracts the plague

15 June 2018, 02:18 | Melissa Porter

Elmore County child recovering from plague

Idaho child diagnosed with plague

According to the MailOnline, this is the first human case in the state of Idaho since the early 1990s and is believed to be the only one reported this year.

The boy, a resident of Elmore County, is now recovering.

Human infection cases in the United States are relatively rare.

The following is a news release from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

The department said the child recently returned from a trip to OR, but it's not known whether the youngster contracted the plague in that state OR in Idaho, the Journal reported.

The health department reminds southern Idaho recreationists that plague is unsafe to people and pets and for people to be aware of what to look for when in the Idaho outdoors. The disease was later spread from urban rats to rural rodent populations, and a small number of cases have since emerged in rural areas, according to the CDC. "But they can also jump on humans, or on dogs, or coyotes, or cats, which aren't the right hosts, but unfortunately those animals can be bitten by the fleas and get plague".

Don't feed rodents in campgrounds, picnic areas, or near your home.

Keep your pets from roaming and hunting ground squirrels or other rodents in affected desert areas.

Talk to your veterinarian about using an appropriate flea control product on pets. Sick pets should be examined promptly by a veterinarian, especially if they may have had contact with sick or dead rodents.

It is most commonly transmitted through fleas, which contract the disease from rodents.

Symptoms can include fever, chills, headaches and weakness.

Put hay, wood and compost piles as far as possible from your home.

Lab results this week confirmed he had the bubonic plague, which affects the lymph nodes (rather than the more deadly pneumonic plague which affects the lungs).

Rapidly developing pneumonia with shortness of breath, chest pain, cough, bloody or watery mucous.

People that may have been exposed to the plague by being within about six feet of a person or animal who has contracted the infection, can also take preventive antibiotics. That would only happen through close proximity to someone suffering from the variation of the disease known as pneumonic plague. Today, modern antibiotics are effective in treating plague but without prompt treatment, the disease can cause serious illness or death.

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