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Trump planning on 'straightening out unfair trade deals' at G7 summit

14 June 2018, 10:37 | Erica Roy

Battered by Trump, G7 leaders choose to be 'polite,' productive

Trump considering separate NAFTA deals? | Apparel Industry News

Trudeau promised to fight back by slapping his own tariffs on American goods.

When asked if the president shares his views, Navarro said that the sentiment came from "Air Force One".

Having left the G-7 summit in Canada early, Mr Trump's announcement that he was backing out of the joint communique torpedoed an already-fragile consensus on the trade dispute between Washington and its top allies.

Trump, as well as some of his aides, went on the attack this past weekend against the Prime Minister, throwing heavy insults at him after he refused to submit to the President's contentious tariff demands - mainly on steel and aluminum.

The G7 communique references a number of shared priorities, including on trade, economic growth, national security and sustainability. He said that he didn't blame them for what he saw as an unbalanced trade relationship which hurts the U.S.

Trudeau said during a news conference Saturday that Canada will "move forward with retaliatory measures on July 1, applying equivalent tariffs to the ones that the Americans have unjustly applied to us".

"We make commitments and keep them", the presidency said, adding that "France and Europe maintain their support for this (G7) statement".

"Canadians are polite and reasonable, but we will not be pushed around", Trudeau said. "To my friends in Canada, that was one of the worst political miscalculations of a Canadian leader in modern Canadian history". "It is essentially double crossing", Kudlow told CNN's Jake Tapper. "Not fair to the PEOPLE of America!" he tweeted.

"Fair Trade is now to be called Fool Trade if it is not Reciprocal".

Trudeau hasn't responded to the attacks, but tweeted Sunday that the G-7 had made significant contributions to economies and societies around the globe. I believe that. John McCain believes it. there's a movement all over the world to look inward, not outward, and I think it's a mistake. "That's what matters", Trudeau tweeted.

However, despite Trump's heated rhetoric, the USA ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, has expressed confidence that the trade conflict can be settled, but said it would take some time. Conspiracy theories, jokes and memes started bubbling up after the Canadian Prime Minister's eyebrows appeared uneven during his press conference with French president Emanuel Macron.

"International cooperation can not be dictated by fits of anger and throwaway remarks", he said in a statement.

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