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Reach out to those who may be struggling

14 June 2018, 11:21 | Melissa Porter

Asking someone depressed to “snap out of it” is the equivalent of telling someone with a broken leg to continue walking

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On seeing news last week of first Kate Spade's and then Anthony Bourdain's deaths due to suicide by hanging, I had a flashback to the day in October 2014 when my mom called me about my nephew.

If someone you know has been talking about wanting to die, feeling hopeless or being a burden, or if he or she has been isolated, experiencing mood swings, sleeping too much or too little, or acting agitated or reckless, experts say you should stay with that person, remove anything that could be used in a suicide attempt, and seek help from an emergency room or mental health professional. Suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in 2015, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

For support outside of the United States, a worldwide directory of resources and global hotlines is provided by the global Association for Suicide Prevention. An estimated 9.3 million adults reported having suicidal thoughts in the a year ago, roughly 3.9 percent of our nation's adult population. Most people think of suicide as a catastrophic reaction to a stressful event. However, its suicide rate remains one of the 10 highest in the nation. In the years between 1999 and 2016, Wyoming's suicide rate has increased 39 percent. "Grieving isn't quick, it's a process and you have to let people know you're there for them, even if it means leaving them alone when they need it".

That's one reason why we must remain on the lookout for friends, family members and coworkers who are showing signs of struggling with depression. "We talk about the opioid epidemic or a disease epidemic, but people don't see suicide as an urgent issue that needs to be addressed right now". "Especially when you've got high-profile people who are successful and who the world views as having a lot going for them and they die by suicide, it can generate feelings of hopelessness". One of these includes a suicide prevention advocacy program that trains students, faculty and staff to recognize warning signs, talk to someone about suicide and connect students to resources. Information is available in many places, including at www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org.

Volunteers are also always needed.

A charity has called for a dedicated service to help families struck by suicide. He serves on the steering committee for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and on the N.H. Suicide Prevention Council. The network of crisis call centers are staffed by trained counselors and each call is directed to one of the 150 centers located near each caller.

"You can be the difference in getting them the help they need", the organization says.

Mental illness is an affliction that reaches across ethnic and class boundaries, touching people from all walks of life. Depression has no boundaries; it's not limited to or defined by societal norms or constructs. Ms. Spade was 55, Mr.Bourdain was 61, and the tragedy of their lives cut short by their own hands was hard for many of their admirers to accept or comprehend.

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