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Hey pancake lovers! IHOP is changing its name

10 June 2018, 09:29 | Kelvin Horton

IHOP. Jeffrey Greenberg UIG via Getty Images

IHOP Changing Name IHOB

Now, we're flippin' our name to IHOb. Many suggested that "b" could stand for "breakfast" (makes sense) but a pole conducted by the pancake joint revealed that 41% of consumers think that it could be "b" for "bacon". In one photo shared on Twitter, people are seen looking on as workers change the text on both a tall sign next to an IHOP restaurant, and a smaller sign seen on the restaurant itself.

But for one corner of Twitter - Arabic speakers - the mysterious "b" actually made ideal sense.

Take a look at Twitter reactions for IHOP changing its name to IHob in the slideshow above.

"For those of us with Arabic-speaking parents, its been "IHOB" from the very start", said Ala'a Ibrahim. Across the Middle East, Pepsi is known as "Bebsi" and Pizza is "Bizza".

"Or International House of OB tampons".

So for many Arabs, IHOP has always been known as IHOB. Nobody knows. This week, they have been going back and forth with Twitter users about the possibilities, never fully releasing its meaning.

On Wednesday morning, IHOP announced on its Facebook page that on June 18, it will change its name by flipping the P (for "pancakes") to a B. The restaurant chain has about 1,650 locations.

But as IHOP/IHOb continued tweeting about its unexplained name change, things "kept getting weirder", as one Arabic speaker said.

When a tweet from Patrick Ford begged the company to "stop b-ing elusive and tell me what is the answer b!", the company responded, "batience, Batrick, batience".

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