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Season's 1st tropical storm forms in eastern Pacific

09 June 2018, 12:39 | Justin Tyler

Hurricanes Are Slowing Down and Leaving More Damage When They Hit Land

Hurricanes Are Lingering Longer. That Makes Them More Dangerous.

Yet tropical cyclones, which include hurricanes, have grown more sluggish since the mid-20th century, researchers say.

Kossin estimates that hurricanes have already slowed down enough that they could in theory double local rainfall and flooding. Kossin found that tropical cyclones' forward speed slowed by 10% between 1949 and 2016.

In the last 70 years the storms have slowed by ten per cent.

"Storms should be responding to changes in the whole global wind pattern, since they are mostly just carried along in the flow", Kossin said.

Dr Kossin came to his conclusion by studying the tropical cyclone record, which spans from 1949-2016. "And so that's never a good thing".

These lingering tropical cyclones - including hurricanes and typhoons - are increasing the risk of deadly flooding worldwide, scientists have warned.

But Kossin made a decision to investigate it, based on the expectation that climate change is already altering the general, large-scale circulation of the atmosphere, within which hurricanes are embedded and by which they are steered. The fact that their results show quite similar trends should be a wake-up call.

Kossin acknowledged problems with pre-1970s data but said that most of it deals with how strong storms are. In some regions, the pace of those storms slowed even more as they hit land.

"Roughly 7 percent more water vapor per degree C of warming", Kossin said.

With wind speeds that can top more than 180 miles per hour, hurricanes are not usually thought of as slow.

"The slower a storm goes, the more rain it's going to dump in any particular area", said study author James Kossin, a climate scientist from NOAA.

The result is more rainfall and more damage to buildings as hurricanes hover over population centers for longer periods of time. "I just need more convincing that there actually has been a 10 percent motion change". "At least not yet". Still, the shift is precisely what he and other cyclone experts said would be expected from climate change. That's bad news for places like Houston, Texas, which is still rebuilding after catastrophic flooding.

'These trends are nearly certainly increasing local rainfall totals and freshwater flooding, which is associated with very high mortality risk'.

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