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Study Finds AI Can Detect Skin Cancer More Accurately Than Doctors

31 May 2018, 03:55 | Melissa Porter

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) system has been found to detect skin cancer more accurately than a group of experienced dermatologists from 17 countries around the world, a study said on Tuesday.

Scientists in Germany, France and the United States have trained a computer to identify skin cancer by showing it more than 100,000 images of malignant melanomas and benign moles.

They compared CNN's performance with the performance of 58 global dermatologists.

The CNN has the ability to learn fast by seeing images and teaching itself in order to improve its performance considering what it has learned (a process is known as machine learning). Four weeks after making the level I assessment, each participant was asked to review their diagnosis at level II, where they were given far more information about the patient - including age, sex, and the location of the lesion, as well as magnified images of the same case.

Around 232,000 new cases of melanoma are diagnosed worldwide every year, which result in 55,500 deaths annually. Still, they were outperformed by the artificial intelligence system, which was working exclusively from the images.

Researchers just developed a new deep learning network that can reportedly detect skin cancer better than dermatologists.

In a series of field tests, the Heidelberg team pitted the CNN against dermatologists from all over Europe. Doctors were in an "artificial setting", the test set did not include the full range of skin lesions; and there were fewer images from non-Caucasian skin types and genetic backgrounds to examine.

However, the authors acknowledged that the study was limited in several ways, including the fact the dermatologists may have been unconsciously skewed because they knew they were not diagnosing a real patient whose life could be at risk.

The laptop was extra correct even in comparison with essentially the most skilled medical doctors, the research, printed within the Annals of Oncology, discovered.

'Only dermoscopic images were used - that is lesions that were imaged at a 10-fold magnification. Furthermore, CNN has applications of surgical removal of cancerous cells before they penetrate into the normal cells. However, the CNN outperformed the dermatologists by detecting 95 percent of melanomas.

In an accompanying editorial [4] Dr Victoria Mar (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia) and Professor H. Peter Soyer (The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia) write: "Currently, diagnostic accuracy for melanoma is dependent on the experience and training of the treating doctor". These include the difficulty of imaging some melanomas on certain locations of the body, such as on the fingers, toes and scalp. For this reason, there is still no substitute for a thorough clinical examination performed by a trained human physician.

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