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Popular birth control pills being recalled across US

30 May 2018, 10:56 | Melissa Porter

Popular birth control pills being recalled across US

Improperly packaged Taytulla

The maker of Taytulla birth-control treatment issued a nationwide recall in the United States on Tuesday over concerns that misplaced capsules in pill packs could cause unintended pregnancies.

The drugmaker said Tuesday the physician sample packs of Taytulla were created to have 24 active birth control pills, followed by four placebo pills, taken daily over the course of 28 days.

The physician reportedly placed the four maroon capsules in a sequence before the pink capsules.

The recalled packs put the placebos up front.

Allergan said it was made aware of the error by a physician.

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on reports Purdue Pharma was aware opioids were being abused soon after introducing them but continued to market them aggressively and Allergan recalling its birth-control pill. Specifically, the first four days of therapy had four non-hormonal placebo capsules instead of active capsules.

The recall applies to Taytulla packs issued after August 27, 2017, and expiring in May 2019.

The side-by-side photo shows incorrectly and correctly packaged Taytulla birth control pills. The company learned about the error after one physician reported it.

Allergan is arranging for return of all sample pack products with the lot #5620706 with the expiration date May 2019 and urged patients to consult their physicians if they believe they are affected by the recall.

STAT points out this is just the latest negative news for Allergan so far this year.

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