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American Young Female are higher percentage to get lung cancer than men

26 May 2018, 01:38 | Melissa Porter

American Young Female are higher percentage to get lung cancer than men


It's true, Jemal said, that American women and men have become increasingly similar in their smoking rates. "Although exposure to secondhand smoke has also decreased substantially over the past several decades, the decline has not been shown to differ significantly between men and women".

Lastly, he stated, the research study authors state females have lower rates of giving up cigarette smoking than guys, however they can not consider the possibility that males who stopped cigarettes are most likely to change to or continue utilizing stogies or pipelines. "We have looked at smoking issues, and smoking patterns don't fully explain this".

This is despite ongoing attempts to find a therapy that could lengthen or ultimately save lives.

There is some indication that the incidence of lung cancer among young women now outnumbers that of men in the United States.

"Lung cancer doctors are all having this experience of seeing more and more women patients and more and more patients who have never smoked", said Marc Ladanyi, a lung cancer researcher and chief of molecular diagnostics at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, who wasn't involved in the study.

Researchers from the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute came together to study nationwide population incidence of lung cancer according to the person's race, sex, age, the person's birth year and the year a person was diagnosed.

"We do not believe sex differences in smoking behavior explain our finding of a gender crossover". Some experts believe that women are much more hard to quit this bad habit, so by starting to smoke, ladies in most cases make Smoking a lifelong "hobby", in contrast to men, among which there are cases of refusal of tobacco use. After an X-ray and other tests revealed a mass on her right lung, she had surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian.

Lung cancer in younger women is now being diagnosed more frequently than in men.

"Smokers should know that those who quit - especially by age 40 - can largely avoid lung cancer", Jemal said.

The current study didn't include molecular and genetic anomalies over time, but Dr. Braiteh says that such information would be extremely helpful.

"I know I'm not going to be the last one; there is going to be many others just like me", she said.

Though the researchers considered most of the possible explanations for the new results, they "obviously ran out of gas", he said. For example, reduction rates may vary based on the type of lung cancer. Scientists suspect that in this phenomenon there is a hidden factor, because at the moment the total number of smokers among women is much lower than the number of male smokers.

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