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Stacey Abrams Wins Historic Nomination for Georgia Governor

25 May 2018, 12:40 | Justin Tyler

Yale grad becomes first black woman to win major-party nomination for governor

Abrams' Georgia Primary Win Signals a Shift for Black Women in the Democratic Party

It is unclear who Abrams will run against. This is Georgia, after all.

Democrats have struggled for years to win statewide in Georgia, despite the state's changing demographics.

It was in Georgia where she made her mark with a number of historic achievements.

Abrams has received major endorsement from heavyweights in the Democratic Party. Some Republicans, however, were more anxious about Gray's proven ability to win crossover voters if he had become the nominee.

But after attacking Ms. Moser during the first round of balloting in March - a move that seemed to elevate her candidacy by accident - the House Democratic campaign arm remained silent while still quietly backing Ms. Fletcher. If she wins in November (still an odds-defying accomplishment) she will be just the third elected African-American governor, and just the second from a former Confederate state.

"There is a pool of overwhelmingly white, affluent ticket-splitting voters that cycle after cycle many Democratic candidates have prioritized above anyone else". More often than not African-Americans were the silent partners in statewide southern politics, expected to confine their ambitions to majority-minority jurisdictions where their presence would not arouse a racial backlash. In 2014 and 2016, Republican turnout averaged about 61 percent and Democrats about 37 percent in early and absentee votes. Abrams goes into November as an underdog, but she's banking on mobilizing black voters and progressives through campaigning on issues like Medicaid expansion, which would insure 240,000 people. "We also sent out over 50,000 plus "Vote" reminder texts to Black voters", she said.

The Atlanta attorney also has been unabashed in her insistence that the way to dent Republican domination in Georgia isn't by cautiously pursuing the older white voters who've abandoned Democrats over recent decades.

That takes fundraising millions of dollars.

"The strength of Abrams' victory in the primary rests on her ability to take her message directly to voters and communities who have traditionally been exercised out of the political process", said Brown-Dean "In plain language and with a stellar resume she has connected with voters for whom student loan debt feels like a behemoth they can't shake".

Stacey Abrams easily won the Democratic nod for governor in Georgia, beating fellow former state legislator Stacey Evans with her argument that firing up the base is the best way to win in a conservative state, instead of primarily focusing on flipping moderates.

There is also evidence Georgia has the potential to be less red. And while they are among the most hard to get to the polls, her progressive message of investing in education, small businesses and expanding Medicaid has been well received. President Trump won it by 5 points, which does not rank in the top tier of states for him.

The Democratic Governors Association has Georgia on its list of potential pickup opportunities, meaning it is open to devoting resources to winning this race even in an election cycle where it could pick up a number of other Republican-held governor's mansions in less-red states like Maryland and IL.

The news of Abrams' win was also personally exciting to Campbell. Depending on the outcome of a Republican runoff vote in July, Abrams will face either Alabama Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle or Secretary of State Brian Kemp in the general.

No surprise: Republicans think Democrats' focus on Georgia is a waste of time and a pipe dream.

Abrams attended the historically Black all-female Spelman College where she earned her bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Ms Abrams was raised in Gulfport, Mississippi, with her five siblings.

As an African-American woman born in a small town in Georgia, I have not always been proud of where I came from. "But what we've been doing over the last 20-plus years has not been working in Georgia, and Stacey Abrams has put forward something that is fundamentally different, and there is a tremendous opportunity here".

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