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Yanny Vs. Laurel Has Jimmy Kimmel Contemplating How Perception Shapes Reality

18 May 2018, 03:34 | Erica Roy

Emmerdale Yanny is that you

FROM ITV  STRICT EMBARGO Print media- No Use Before Tuesday 3rd April 2018 Online Media- No Use Before 0700hrs Tuesday 3rd April 2018  Emmerdale- Ep 8117  Monday 9th April 2018  After fearing his secret is out Bob Hope

By contrast, Sprout Social found 688,871 Twitter mentions of #TheDress between February 27 and March 1, 2015, which is the first few days after BuzzFeed helped that meme go viral by asking "What colors are this dress?" And the internet is divided with half of users apparently hearing "Laurel", and the other half hearing what it actually says, which is clearly "Yanny". "When asked why, Kim said, "Cause Trump hears yanny and I hear laurel.'" That is hard to argue".

The audio recording is making the viral rounds across social media platforms after originating on Reddit this week. There is in fact a right and a wrong answer. So while you might originally hear the word "brainstorm" if the tweet tells you that the word is in fact something else you brain could justifiably make the switch. "I don't know how this was made". "N is similar to r; I is close to l".

You must have heard about the audio illusion.

Perplexed, she shared this with other students and the rest is history.

Fallon admitted he has "spent way too much time" trying to figure out the clip.

She said our brains want to "categorise" the elements of speech when they are ambiguous.

It turns out that our brains can shift pretty easily between hearing yanni and laurel, just based on how low or high the frequency of the recording gets. Union University physicist Bill Nettles said the online debate shows "true knowledge" is accessible through scientific investigation, but it takes "a lot of hard work". The frequencies for each sound are a little different from person to person and language to language. That is, you can hear while you're asleep, and so in that regard, hearing is passive.

So why is it that some people are insistent that what they're hearing is "green needle"? It's one thing when two people hear different sounds but now the same person can hear both, depending on what they're thinking about.

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