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'Deadpool 2' caters to its fanbase, with mixed results

18 May 2018, 12:33 | Myron Mathis

Biting one-liners are a hallmark of Deadpool's return

What critics are saying about Deadpool

The official synopsis of Deadpool 2 reads, "After surviving a near-fatal bovine attack, a disfigured cafeteria chef (Wade Wilson) struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming Mayberry's hottest bartender while also learning to cope with his lost sense of taste". And while the actor "definitely had a direction" for the sequel, according to director David Leitch, bringing it to the screen was a team effort. So why do we really fall in the first category? Sound familiar? At another point in the film, Deadpool calls Russell "John Connor", the hero from the similarly themed "Terminator" movies.

Have you seen Deadpool 2 yet and are you excited to see an X-Force movie? Similarly, some of the inevitable overload of CGI action (which Deadpool himself derides) takes up space that might be more usefully devoted to our man's disdain and ridicule. Meta-humour can be fun for five minutes, but when it's slapping you in the face for two hours, some may find that jokes tend to be misses rather than hits.

This just in: Ryan Reynolds has publicly proposed to a man. And it might sound odd to say, but we took a lot of the story tenets from Pixar as inspiration for creating the Deadpool 2 storyline, and its inevitable conclusion.

If your preference in a production based on a comic book character is to load up the landscape with other colorfully clad characters, "Deadpool 2" has you covered. His one-liners, especially the digs he takes at other superhero movies, are hysterically amusing. Much of the time, the humor is directed at the viewers, as the fourth wall is not only broken but pulverized and thrown in the faces of the audience members.

The movie takes a while to pick up steam: there's an unexpectedly sad turn of events right off the bat, and then we get a little more character exposition than is strictly necessary.

Deadpool 2

Yes, this film is rated R for a reason.

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"I've been a Deadpool fan since I was a little kid". When not cutting off the limbs of bad guys, he's riffing on the movie itself or taking down his comic-book brethren a few pegs. Josh Brolin as the villain Cable, is charismatic and he manages to convey the canvas of the character. In one particular scene, we are treated to a very moving version of A-ha's Take On Me, and in another scene, AC/DC's Thuderstruck blows us away. It's a must watch and you won't be disappointed. I never understood why the original 2016 movie was seen as some sort of groundbreaking effort that pushed forward the superhero genre, as many fans and critics claim.

Oh, and another note - the first Deadpool film slightly altered its post-credits scene for general release after showing a shorter one to early critics' screenings, so it's possible something else will have been added this time too.

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