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Facebook Gets Voice Posts, Stories Archive, And More

17 May 2018, 11:05 | Jodi Jackson

The new 'archive' feature in Facebook Stories might look

The new 'archive' feature in Facebook Stories might look familiar

According to The Verge, these features will first roll out in India then make their way to the rest of the world.

With each story expiring in 24 hours, Stories archive will provide users access to all the stories they have previously shared on the platform. The updates are meant to help users share more on Facebook, while also making sure that Facebook Stories continues to grow its number of users. This feature will enable users to capture and save photos using Facebook's camera that they might want to share later.

Now, you can save your photos on Facebook and share them later.

Facebook does not mention if there is a storage limit for unshared photos, but we can go ahead and assume that there isn't. Facebook can automatically reformat ads on the News Feed with borders and text at the bottom, and ads on Instagram Stories can be extended to Facebook Stories. For entry-range devices with a limited amount of internal storage, this feature is pure gold.

"After a photo disappears from a story, you can still re-view it, re-live it and re-share it", Hayes said. It should be located right next to the "Normal" camera option in the camera mode carousel. "For a lot of people, audio is a very important way for them to express themselves and communicate", said Hayes.

Your Voice Posts on Stories will not be stored until you have archived the Story. We will keep you posted.

Just like Instagram, users will now be able to archive their stories and view them even after they disappear from their stories tab. The same tools for adding stickers and doodles to photos are also possible on that background. This will be saved on their Facebook account and not their phone storage.

Save to your Facebook account rather than your phone
Save to your Facebook account rather than your

Having added an option for audio in Facebook Camera, users can now exchange voice messages as "Voice Posts".

Users will create Voice Posts using the camera, although it is not yet completely clear how it will all work. However, the recording time is restricted by the local storage available on the device. That, however, is not going to stop them from taking out new features to keep its users hooked. There is no word on its availability on iOS.

To deal with the low percentage of users sharing Facebook Stories, the social media giant is introducing new functionalities to the tool that are now being launched in India and will be shared later at a global scale. If users want, they can choose to not save them.

Of course, Stories will not be the only way of sharing content, as text options will still be available. "We are always working on ways to improve the experience of viewing Stories on all types of connections, and have been investing here? especially on our FB Lite app", Hayes said.

However, as it struggled to take off, the company at one point displayed grayed out icons in the Stories space in an effort to make it appear less empty.

Users will be able to put a background colour to audio posts or a background picture.

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