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Netflix orders anthology horror series 10 After Midnight from Guillermo del Toro

15 May 2018, 12:50 | Justin Tyler

Del Toro will helm a horror series for Netflix

Guillermo del Toro Horror Anthology Series '10 After Midnight' Ordered By Netflix

Del Toro will write and direct certain episodes, according to a Netflix press release, and the rest of the episodes will be helmed by filmmakers of Del Toro's choosing. I suspect this will be pitched at a slightly older audience, though.

Netflix will bring Guillermo del Toro's unusual blend of horror and fantasy to the small screen, the streaming service said Monday. Del Toro is reteaming with his Shape of Water producer J. Miles Dale. Netflix describes the stories del Toro will select as "equally sophisticated and horrific".

Fresh off adding "Oscar winner" to his résumé, Guillermo del Toro is lending his phantasmagorical imagination to Netflix for the streaming giant's first ever horror series. The Academy Award-winning filmmaker will also have the third season of the animated kids program Trollhunters released on May 25.

Other del Toro movies include Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy, Hellboy II, Pacific Rim and Blade II. The title is the first major project with del Toro attached as director since he won best director and best picture for "The Shape of Water".

The series arrives after Hulu recently confirmed its Jason Blum horror anthology, with each new feature film-length installment debuting monthly starting in October. If this is your brand of TV, then you're going to love what the visionary, del Toro, has in store for you. The series has no official target date or episode count, though based on the name, we'd be willing to guess there will be 10 chapters.

It's worth noting that del Toro has a home in Toronto and frequently works on films there.

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