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CDC Investigates E. Coli Outbreak In Connecticut And Other States

13 April 2018, 08:43 | Melissa Porter

CDC Investigates E. Coli Outbreak In Connecticut And Other States

CDC Investigates E. Coli Outbreak In Connecticut And Other States

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an outbreak investigation announcement on Tuesday. CT and Pennsylvania have each reported two cases.

In conclusion, E. Coli outbreak in the United States has reached OH, where, until now, only one confirmed case has been registered by the CDC.

The CDC is not recommending that consumers avoid any particular food at this time. One of the infected people developed a side effect of E. coli called hemolytic-uremic syndrome, a type of kidney failure, according to NBC New York.

The six reported cases of people infected by the E. coli bacteria is just one part of a much larger investigation being conducted on the national level.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service are investigating, but so far haven't linked a specific food, grocery store, or restaurant chain as the source.

The illnesses are said to have started on dates ranging from March 22 to March 31 in people ranging in age from 12 to 84 years.

"Some people may not be included in CDC's case count because no bacterial isolates are available for the DNA fingerprinting needed to link them to the outbreak".

States affected are New Jersey (6 cases), Idaho (4 cases), CT (2 cases), Pennsylvania (2 cases), Missouri (1 case), Washington (1 case) and OH (1 case).

A total of 17 cases have been reported across Connecticut, Idaho, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

The suspected cause for the late 2017 outbreak was believed to be leafy greens.

Some methods for reducing the risk of infection include thoroughly washing hands after using the bathroom or before cooking and eating, fully cooking meats to kill germs, and avoiding unpasteurized products like raw milk.

Don't cross-contaminate food preparation areas.

Don't prepare food or drink for others when you are sick.

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