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Trump Fired Tillerson for 'Rogue' Effort to Fix Iran Nuke Deal

14 March 2018, 07:48 | Erica Roy

Trump Fired Tillerson for 'Rogue' Effort to Fix Iran Nuke Deal

Trump Fired Tillerson for 'Rogue' Effort to Fix Iran Nuke Deal

The American media have repeatedly reported frustration trump the Secretary of state's job and willingness Tillerson to leave this position. Now, Mattis will have to take the lead in National Security Council deliberations, which could lead to tensions with Pompeo down the road. What does this tell us?

The list of departures, including dismissals and resignations, from his administration has been rising rapidly. Secretary Tillerson is the 36th significant departure from this administration. Former Secretary of State Collin Powell may come as a distant second since he was given the dignity of submitting his resignation and announcing his departure after strong disagreements with the White House and the Pentagon over handling the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq. "Back then he had to do it by fax". Our understanding is that the disagreement had something to do with North Korea issues, or just a general accumulation of disagreements.

While Democrats painted a picture of an administration in chaos, Republicans yesterday tamped down the idea that Tillerson's ouster would have major effects on USA diplomacy. And so we had a secretary of state in his personal capacity who understood the region quite well, traveled extensively in the region and had established relationships in the region. "The relationship has always been very good and that's what I need as secretary of state". He at least hasn't been the disaster I thought he would be, though. I think these were larger issues that had been percolating for some time.

When Tillerson was in Africa, he pursued the traditional U.S. take on the continent, which is: focus on security issues, focus on the fight against terrorism. "It's been unsettling to the market within the context of what we see now in the economy, which is a favorable backdrop".

Senators yesterday fretted and poked fun at the public firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, but some anxious the arduous process of confirming his replacement could bring the Senate to a halt.

Democrats voiced opposition, including their top person on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mark Warner, who said senators had "a lot of questions" about Haspel and they "deserved to have those questions answered, in an open hearing setting".

Meanwhile, Professor Jia Qingguo, an expert on Chinese diplomacy at Peking University in Beijing, said coming from the CIA, Mr Pompeo is more likely to see China as a threat but that his views could soften over time. "However, unlike the more restrained Tillerson, the president's new expert Pompeo is likely to add more foam to the top, leading to uncertainty and a higher risk", it said. Tillerson was also concerned about the consequences that steel and aluminum trade tariffs, which have angered China, would have on USA allies.

Pompeo's past track record in Congress and as Central Intelligence Agency director suggested that, in conjunction with Trump's ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, he would eschew patient constructive diplomacy in favor of making headlines by throwing insults at other nations, Rasmussen suggested. New Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, once confirmed by Congress, will continue to face these same challenges.

Haspel's rise to the head of the United States spy agency should cause concern, Mora said: "To hold her up as an exemplar, an individual whose career will serve as guidance to those who will join the agency in the future, is shocking". So that does touch the African market.

"During his own confirmation proceedings for Director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo repeatedly committed that he would comply with the law that applies the Army Field Manual's interrogation requirements to all US agencies, including the CIA", McCain said.

But the daily briefings were just the entry point for Pompeo, whom the President would often ask to stick around after the briefing, even when Trump was preparing to hold meetings unrelated to intelligence topics.

It is worth remembering that Trump has been facing some rebellion in his administration.

He openly contradicted the administration on a number of issues, including North Korea and Russian Federation, and was reportedly "getting increasingly angry over the Trump crackdown on China". Relations have been strained since President Rodrigo Duterte declared his country would distance itself from the U.S. and forge new relationships with China and Russian Federation.

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