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Elon Musk Releases New Video of "Starman" and Falcon Heavy Launch

12 March 2018, 03:11 | Myron Mathis

HBO YouTube

HBO  YouTube

Additionally, SpaceX has released this new video of the launch, which includes some never-before-seen footage of the Roadster being prepped for its journey into space. In an accompanying tweet, Musk made it clear that the feat was performed to inspire: "Life can not just be about solving one sad problem after another". "That can not be the only thing". It should be things that inspire you, thanks to which you happily Wake up in the morning and become a part of humanity.

The video was made by Jonathan "Jonah" Nolan, a British-American screenwriter best known for his work with his brother Christopher Nolan and as the creator of HBO's Westworld.

"The only way I know how to share [the Falcon Heavy launch] is a trailer", Nolan said.

When the first Falcon Heavy launch has happened, the rocket was the most powerful one that has ever been launched. They depicted the preparations for the launch, reaction and jubilation of the audience, the launch of a rocket into space and video footage of flying in space vehicle the Tesla Roadster with a dummy behind the wheel.

Falcon Heavy is capable of lifting more than 141,000 lb which means more than a regular Boeing jetliner when it is full of passengers, hundreds of pieces of luggage, and has its tanks overfilled.

Back in early February, SpaceX sent Falcon Heavy into outer space with a very unique payload on board.

. Following liftoff, the two side boosters separated from the center core and returned to landing site for future reuse.

Falcon Heavy is able to send object on the Earth orbit at prices by 66% lower than its #1 competitor, the Delta IV Heavy.

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